Steven Universe: Origin of the Diamonds

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A short story of the Diamond's Origin. A story on how they were made.

Submitted: July 07, 2018

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Submitted: July 07, 2018



Steven Universe

Origins of the Diamonds


In the deep of space, a lone uninhabitable planet float within a massive solar flare of energy. The planet crust allow it to absorb the amount of energy. Keeping is sustain from annihilation. Beneath the planet crust, flow of energy spread through the cavern wall. Deep beneath the cavern, a lone node stood, with a pristine white diamond. The diamond glisten to the light of the energy the planet absorbs. Over billions of years, the diamond too had absorb the amount of energy from the solar flare. Finally, after it long slumber, it had finally awoken.

“Huh!?” said the White Diamond in it conscious state. “Where am I?” What am I?”

“ anyone there?” she asked

“Hmm…?” said a voice.

“Hello, are you there?” said White Diamond

“Hello… I just woke up from a dream...” said the voice

“I just woke up from a dream too” said White Diamond. “My dream is being surrounded by darkness, but it ok. I was never alone, I had my sister with me”

“My dream is the same!” said the voice “Are you my sister?”

“Oh goodness? Sister is that you?” White Diamond ask.

“I must be, there’s no one here but us” replied the voice.

“It is good to have you here sister. I was afraid of being... alone” White Diamond confess.

“It ok, I’ll always be by your side” said the sister.

“Oh look at that!” said White Diamond as bright flow of energy passes through the cavern wall.

“It’s pretty dear sister”

“I wish I could follow it sister. But I cannot move” said White Diamond

“Don’t be silly sister, we are gem. We simply cannot move” the sister informed

“I want to move dear sister, I want to explore. I must move, I simply must” said White Diamonds

Sudden, White Diamond began to emerge out of her gem state. Breaking free from the node and taking form.

“Sister! Are you alright?”

“Yes” said White Diamond “This is different… being able to move freely”

“Don’t leave me sister, I will follow you wherever you go”

Soon after, the sister broke free from the node and taken form.

“Sister you’re here” shouted White Diamond. “You look different”

“Hmm… I guess we are of different colors” said the sister

“Indeed, what should I call you sister?” White Diamond ask. “I would like to be called White Diamond”

“Then I should be called Black Diamond, dear sister”



After countless millennia, the two sister wonder the lonely planet. Although they do enjoy each other company, White Diamond wanted to learn new things and explore the stars. While Black Diamond simply wish remain the same. To be with her sister for all eternity.

“Why is there only us, sister?” White Diamond asked

“Hmm?” Black Diamond wonder. “Are you not happy sister? Not happy with me?”

“Of course not, dear sister. It just...” she pause. “I just wonder why there are only just us two and no others...”

“We are special sister, we are Diamonds” Black Diamond answered. “The other gems on this planet are inferior. They cannot become sentient being like us. We are perfect” she boasted.

“Still, maybe we can find another diamond. Another sister who is still asleep” White Diamond suggested.

“Hmm… it is possible. Shall we return to where we are born?” Black Diamond pointed out.

“Yes, sister. Let us” she giggled.


Back in the cavern of their birth, Black and White Diamond follow the flow of energy. The pass the very node from which they were made.

“Look sister” said Black Diamond. “This is where we first woken up”

“Indeed, sister. Maybe another sister remain asleep in a node just like this” White Diamond guessed.

“Let’s keep looking then” Black Diamond commanded.

Deep and deeper they traveled. They both found many sorts of different gems. Those who Black Diamond found to be inferior. But White Diamond remain curious about the inferior gems. She thought, even of they are inferior to the diamonds. They are still gems, why can’t they too wake up and take form?

“Look sister!” Black Diamond pointed out. There they found a lone node. Sitting between the crevice within the wall.

“It a yellow diamond, dear sister” said White Diamond. “She’s pretty… She’s perfect”

“She is a Diamond” said Black Diamond as she closely inspected.

“Wake up sister, come take form and join us” said White Diamond with joy on her face.

The yellow diamond remain inactive. Dull and quiet. No conscious seem to radiate from it.

“I think it a dud, sister. Maybe it is just a plain diamond” Black Diamond declared.

“No it cannot be!” White Diamond disapprove. “She must be in there. Wake up sister, you must wake up. WAKE UP!” White Diamond slam her fist against the node.

“Huh!? Who’s there?” said a voice coming from the yellow diamond.

“Sister, you are finally awake” praise White Diamonds

“Well, I’ll be...” said Black Diamond surprisingly.

“I was… sleeping...” said Yellow Diamond. “Where am I? Who are you?”

“We are White and Black Diamond, we are your sister. Come little sister, come out and take form”

“Form..?” Yellow Diamond wonder

“Yes, be free from your node. Come and join us. Come and explore with us” White Diamond insisted.

“There is nothing to fear, little sister” said Black Diamond

“Um…. Ok” said Yellow Diamond. After a moment, Yellow Diamond emerge from her gem. Her form was more adolescent compare to her older sisters.

“Oh… hello… sisters” said Yellow Diamond as she inspect herself. Her arms, her legs, and her sisters.

“Welcome little sister” White Diamond chuckled “See, Black. I knew there must be others. I wonder if there are more”

“More?” Yellow Diamond questioned

“More sisters” White Diamond replied.

“Well, I used to hear a lovely humming when I was asleep. Could that be a sister?” Yellow Diamond wonders

“Humming?” Black Diamond question.

“Could it be another sister, Black?” White Diamond asked. “One who is awake?”

“Possibly, let’s explore more. Come little one” said Black Diamond



As the two continue down the cave path, follow by their new little sister. White and Black came across a cavern filled with a pool of glistening water.

“Oh...what is this sister?” Yellow asked.

“It is water, little sister. Harmless fluid. Nothing to worry about” said White Diamond

“Indeed, you are a Diamond. Nothing can harm a diamond. We are superior little one, remember that” said Black Diamond

There was a humming the echo within the cavern.

“Listen, do you hear that” said Black Diamond

“I do...” White Diamond answered

“That the sound” shouted Yellow Diamond “The sound from my dream” Yellow Diamond voice echo loudly throughout the cave walls.

“Hello...” said a faint distant voice. “Is someone there?”

“Yes. Are you a sister?” White Diamond asked.

“A sister?” the voice question.

“Where are you?” Black Diamond asked

“I am here, I’ve always been here. Alone...” the voice replied.

“Show us yourself sister, so we can see you” White Diamond insisted. At the edge of the cavern, a blue light began to glow.

“Look” Black Diamond pointed out.

“Let’s go see our new sister” White Diamond praised.

Upon arriving, there stood a brilliant blue diamond. Stuck in a node, just under a stalagmite that drop clear water from above.

“Oh...hello” said the Blue Diamond.

“Hello sister” said Yellow happily.

“Hello little sister, how long have you been awake” White Diamond asked.

“I… don’t know….” Blue Diamond answered. “I’ve been alone for so long. I can’t remember”

“Time to come out, little sister. You won’t be alone this time” Black insisted.

“That sound lovely” said Blue Diamond. “To have someone… sisters”

Blue Diamond began to glow from her gem. Soon after, she began to take form. Young just like Yellow Diamond.

“Welcome sister!” shouted Yellow Diamond and embrace Blue with a hug.

“Oh...hello” said Blue Diamond with a shy smile

“Welcome little sister, I am so happy to meet you” said White Diamond.

Little did White know, Black Diamond began to grow resentment toward the new sister. She didn’t want anyone to have White Diamond affection. She began to experience jealousy. After several millennia, she four sister remain happily on their planet. All except Black, although she has grown to love the little sisters. She still despise the fact the White Diamond show more affection to the little ones than she does to her.

“I wish we could leave this planet and explore” said White Diamond as she look up in the sky.

“Why would you want that? Aren’t you happy here with us?” said irritated Black Diamond

“Of course I am” replied White Diamond “I simply want to see what’s out there. There’s so much to see and experience. The universe is vast”

“It sound like you just want to get away from us, to get away from me….” said Black Diamond sadly. “Aren’t I just enough?”

“I’m sorry sister...” said White Diamond “”

With that Black Diamond had stormed out. Leaving White Diamond behind and running off to the cave of their birth.

Angry with her sister White Diamond, Black Diamond smash her hand into the cave wall. Causing it to collapse and reveal another path.

From within, Black Diamond began to hear what seem to be a faint crying. She follow the crying noise and she goes deeper into the unexplored cave. She began to notice a change of temperature in the air. Though it doesn’t affect her because she is a diamond. She soon reach a cavern with a river of lava flowing into the planet core. Again she heard the crying within the cavern.

“I can hear you, show yourself” Black Diamond commanded

From behind a pillar of rock, came out a sad young diamond.

“Please don’t hurt me” said the young diamond

“Why would I hurt you little one? Come here, let me have a closer look at you” said Black Diamond with a comfort voice

The sad diamond carefully stroll up to Black Diamond.

“Well hello there little one, tell me why are you crying?” Black Diamond ask.

“I am sad, because I am alone” replied the young diamonds

“How long have you been alone?” Black asked

“Since I first woke up” the young diamond replied. “I’ve always been alone, trap in these cave with no way out”

“It ok little one, I will get you out of here” Black Diamond mention as she wipe away the tears of the young diamonds

“Will you, really!?” said the cheerful young diamond

“Of course, we are diamonds. We should always stick together”

The young diamond threw herself unto Black Diamond. Planting a tight hug around her waist.

“There, there… now tell me, what is your name little one?” Black asked

“I am Red...” she answered.

“Red Diamond, it is nice to meet you little sister” said Black Diamond with a gentle welcome. “From now on, it is just you and me. We’ll never be alone. That I promise”

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