Girl on my bed

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THAT night was like any other. His routine was set. Never did he deviate from it, never changing, forever the same. The one time he did.......well at least it was enjoyable.

Submitted: July 07, 2018

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Submitted: July 07, 2018



There is a strict schedule I always adhere too. Wake up at 6:00, do my morning workout routine and make sure that I finish by 8:00. Then I hop into the shower and get out at 8:45. At 8:50 I start cooking my breakfast consisting of pancakes, fried eggs and black coffee with two sugars. Then I make sure to wash my plates at 9:17, then I go into my office at 9:20 to start on my work. I take a break at 12:00 to go cook my lunch of rice, beans, and sautéed chicken. I plate my food at 12:45 and finish eating by 13:20. I take ten minutes to go through my afternoon schedule and the go back to work at 13:30. I continue doing my work until 17:40 until I finally boot down my computer and turn in for the rest of the day. I then start preparing my dinner of a garden pasta with a glass of red wine, at 17:46. At 18:30 I wash my dishes and at 18:43 I go out and buy the necessary groceries for the next day. I return from going to the store at 19:23. I put away the groceries until 19:30 and then head to do my night exercises at 19:32. I finish them at 21:02. Then I go and shower at 21:05 and get out at 21:17. Finally I go feed Wally, my pet parrot, at 21:20 and clean his cage. I finish with these chores at 21:42. I head to the bathroom to sanitize my hands at 21:44 and finish at 21:47. Then I head to bed at 21:50 and stay awake reading a book until 23:58. I always fall asleep at exactly 00:00. Then the schedule repeats, day in day out, every week, of every month of every year.


I only deviate from this schedule on the third Wednesday of every month, where I finish my day, but instead of heading to bed I go out until 23:58 to go hunting in the woods around my house.


Tonight, was different though. I would always have had to drop from exhaustion to be able to sleep, but today, no matter what I did I just couldn’t. I kept tossing and turning in my bed long after 00:00. After my internal clock struck 00:02, Wally started to shriek. He was always doing this at night since we moved in ten years ago. Every night I would just try to drown out the noise, because no matter what I did he would just keep on shrieking. Insufferable little thing wouldn’t shut up all night. Seconds turned into minutes that turned into hours, but to no avail. Giving up on sleep for now, I looked to see what time it was on the LED alarm clock on the bedside table. It was 2:45. Normally I would’ve been asleep by now. I lay back down on my back and close my eyes and tried to go to sleep. I stayed there for a while before finally drifting off. Before the waking world and I disconnected for the night I thought I heard breathing on my ear.





Next thing I know I’m startled awake by the shrieking of Wally. Still sleepy, I was going to get up until it suddenly stopped. Mystified but uncaring I laid back down to go back to sleep. Sadly, at that moment I heard a slight scuffing and felt a dip on my bed. Then I felt the breathing again, but right on top of me. I decided to brave whatever awaited me when I opened my eyes. On top of me was the decaying form of a little girl with rotting flesh. Standing on all fours with slender and long arms. Her hair was matted and falling in lumps from her scalp. She had no eyes. We stared at each other for what felt like hours. Her with those empty eye sockets. Then she screams and attacks me. She takes her arms and starts slashing with her claw like appendages. With my left arm I block her from cutting me and with my other arm I grabbed her hair and started pulling. The clumps that I got a hold of always immediately fell off. I would try to grab hold of another, but they always immediately fell off. She keeps trying to get a hold of my neck and eyes. The scuffle lasted for a good few minutes with bits of rotting flesh falling on me. Then I startled awake.

Immediately after waking up, I ran to the garage, stumbling on my way out. I grabbed my shovel and headed for the backyard, right towards the willow tree I had planted all those years ago.  I went to the spot under the tree I knew it would be at. There I tried searching for the mark I knew was there. I finally located it at the bottom of the trunk of the weeping Willow tree. I start digging, and dig and dig I go. Then I finally hear the long-awaited thud. I scramble to uncover the rest of it from the dirt that covered it. Finally, I opened the little toy box to find nothing but a few clumps of hair and a torn dress. I continued hearing the crazed laughter of the little girl.

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