The Nurse's Love Story

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A trauma nurse and a surgeon with a complicated past. Will they fall in love or will their promises of no strings sex prevent them from their happily ever after.

Submitted: July 07, 2018

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Submitted: July 07, 2018




I lay on the gurney dazed and confused, pain radiating throughout my entire body. I could feel the warm drips of blood as the streamed down my face from what I can only guess is a severe laceration on my head. My arm and leg lay at funny angles and pain seared through me as I tried to move them. Pushing down the urge to vomit I lay still watching the hospital lights pass overhead as I am wheeled into a trauma room. "Unidentified 26 year old female 36 weeks pregnant. Patient is suffering major trauma and blood loss due to a head laceration. BP 138/94 pulse thready in the 40's" the paramedic reports standing at the head of the bed.I try to catch the attention of the nurse when I realize I am unable to speak. Fear begins to burst through the cloud of pain as questions begin filtering into my head. What happened? Why can't I talk? Is my baby okay?!? I attempt once again to get the attention of a nurse but my attempts to sit up are futile, my body refuses to respond to my brains demands to sit up. I cant make out his face only hearing the sound his voice, its familiar but one i cannot place. "Transfer her on my count 1, 2,3!" White hot pain stabs through me as my body is lifted off the gurney and onto the hospital bed, the urge to vomit once again threatening. "Multiple fractures and trauma to her airway she was intubated on the scene and loss consciousness en route" states the paramedic. "What happened to this poor girl" the doctor asks grabbing his stethoscope and placing it over my heart. The paramedic's face turned sad as she replied " drunk driver plowed into a crowd of people before hitting a telephone pole". The monitors above my head begin to beep as my vision begins to blur. "Were losing her" shouts the doctor "we need to get her off this backboard and insert a chest tube stat. Roll her now." The doctor grabs my arm and rolls me toward him as the paramedic slides the backboard off the gurney. Finally looking down for the first time that night the doctor gets a look at my face and he stumbles as he cries out "Oh My God!! It's Raelynn?!?. Page OB and call the OR tell them to prep for an emergency c-section were on our way up" he yells a hint of fear now clouding his voice. Finally succumbing to the pain and blood loss everything goes black as the monitors above my head flat line....




Graduation day is finally here, working two jobs to put myself through four years of nursing school has finally paid off! It was long hard road to get to this day, probably one of the hardest things I have ever done but I couldn't be prouder of the things I have accomplished. In the 4 years that I spent here I have learned so much, all the overnights spent working so I could attend school during the day, the early morning hours spent studying, all the holiday breaks I didn't go home for instead spent picking up extra hours in the skills lab it was all worth it to get to where I am today. I stand behind the stage pacing and waiting for my name to be called. Dressed in white scrubs with a red rose pinned to the front, my platinum blonde hair is swept up into a neat bun. The only thing that stands out among my appearance is the deep purple streaks in the underside of my hair, my own little rebellion. The streaks in my hair change month to month depending on my mood and never staying the same for long. In a world where everyone tries to be perfect and everyone tries to be like everyone else I choose to stand out. My tattoos and colored hair may be unconventional but they are what makes me unique. Both can be easily hidden should the situation call for it but until then I wear them with pride knowing that I accept myself the way that I am and I don't have to try to be someone that I'm not. The line backstage begins to dwindle as the announcer call students one by one up to the stage to accept their diploma and receive their nursing pin. Its a great honor when a student chooses a parent, a friend, or a sibling to place the pin upon their scrubs. The pin signifies the hard work put into becoming a nurse, it symbolizes the oath we take to protect and treat others. Each students chooses who they wish to pin them usually its the person who pushed them to be great, the person who convinced them to keep pursuing their dream even though they felt they could not. That is exactly the reason why I picked Slade to be the one to place the pin upon my scrubs. Slade was the first and only real friend I made here in New York. From the first day I met him he has pushed me to be greater, to do more then I ever thought I could, he is one of the reasons I am able to walk crossed this stage today. The voice of the announcer coming through the speaker brought me back from my wandering thoughts. "In conclusion of this years pinning ceremony I get to announce our final student. This years valedictorian graduation top of her class with honors, a woman with endless amounts of potential. I am proud to announce Raelynn Cassidy!" The crowd erupted with applause and cheers from my fellow classmates. I plastered a big smile on my face "don't trip" I thought to myself as I walked across the stage to where Slade was standing a gorgeous smile on his face. He looked drop dead handsome standing there in his black suit, his brown hair styled to perfection. I shake the hands of the announcer, my teacher, and the president of the nursing school before walking over to stand in front my Slade. He slides his hand into the front of my scrubs and winks at me before putting the back onto the pin and pulling his hand away. I laugh quietly at his playfulness before reaching out to take the bouquet of flowers from him hand. I bring the flowers to my nose and give them a quick sniff, my heart flutters that he cared enough to remember my favorite flowers were carnations. I place the bouquet in the crook of my arm and throw my other arm around his neck pulling him in for a quick hug. "Thank you for being here and for the flowers" I exclaimed. "It's my pleasure" he whispered in my ear "congratulations princess I'm so proud of you."

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