The Omega Event: A-Team

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Despite the end of the war between the struggling Alliance and the great North Korean and Russian Empire ending, True Korea still takes time to change. Nine months after Anikan's group is sent to
live in the real world, Lilitha gives birth to her third child, but that is quickly interrupted when a hit man makes an attempt on their life and kills two doctors. Space assigns Anikan, Jaxi,
Katie, Ryan and Kailey to find whoever to hire a hitman, and the five go undercover at A1ph3's Stripper Lounge to weed out the criminal.

Submitted: July 07, 2018

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Submitted: July 07, 2018



"It's a girl!"

Two weeks ago.

The boy in the black hoodie smiled and took the child in his arms, his red haired wife lying in bed beside the two.

"What are we gonna name her?" Andrew asked his wife.

"Mmmmm... Octavia," Lilitha answered.

She smiled at the sight of her newborn child lying in a pile of blankets, and gave her husband a kiss as the doctors watched the comforting scene. But that scene would soon be interrupted as a man barged through the front door of the hospital, brandashing not only a black cap to cover his face, but a glock.

The couple heard the first gunshot and Andrew held his baby to his arms as he ducked behind the hospital bed. They watched as a man with a large black gun aimed at the two nurses at the door, and fired a single shot into one's neck. Blood burst from her body and splattered against the glass before collapsing onto the floor. The other backed into the room, and the couple watched as he pointed the gun at them. Andrew handed his child to his wife before glaring at the guy, ready to attack with nothing but his fists.


He revealed a black knife from his hood and prepared to attack the man, but a gunshot was fired and the husband hit the floor. He clutched the bullet hole in his leg and let out a scream that probably alerted security to come faster. He watched as the man stepped past him, pulling a gun on the woman.


From behind a boy in a blue hoodie fired his gun, shooting the man in the back of the head. He fell against the hospital bed and collapsed onto the floor, and security arrived right after. The man in the blue hoodie held up his ID and the guards lowered their guns, checking the vitals of the dead nurse on the ground.

"Thanks man," the husband muttered as he struggled to keep his blood from pouring out.

The man in the blue hoodie shrugged and helped the husband up, calling out for a doctor as staff rushed to the blood covered hospital room...


One week later...


"The killer's name is Mario Sanchez, and I know who hired him," the forensic scientist said to the five group of people standing in front of her.

The husband had been an agent of the True Korea Investigate Forces, and an investigation was soon launched into finding whoever hired the hitman on him. The man had made many enemies over the eleven months he had lived in True Korea because of his short temper, but only one was angry enough to kill.

Supreme Leader Space had issued the main investigative team to find the man who hired Mario, and the five of them walked off to the lab to be read in on the forensic evidence.

"Who's Mario?" one of the agents asked.

"Gun for hire. Formerly worked at Japan as a sushi packer, but came here a few years ago and set up shop on the streets for whoever paid him," the forensic scientist said as she handed the groups leader the killers file. The lead agent opened the file and looked at the picture, matching that to the face he had seen on the news.

"So who hired him?" another agent asked.

The forensic scientist began tapping rapidly on her keyboard and pulled up a photo of the money found at the killer's apartment. A fingerprint then lit up on one of the bills and we watched as a box opened on the side, flashing through a large number of faces before landing on one.

"I got a hit... his name is Kazata Yoshikazu. A former member of the Black Phoenix Clan. I haven't pieced together the connection between Agent Blythe and him but I can say within confidence I'll find it before the case is over," the scientist said proudly.

"We got enough evidence to bring him in. Where is he?" one of the agents asked the scientist. 

She opened Kazata's file and several listings popped up.

"By analyzing his credit card history we can see that every saturday he withdrawals a large sum of money from an ATM at a strip club downtown. He also pays in credit for drinks there, so we can assume that he doesn't just go in to use the atm," the scientist said.

"So he'll be there tonight?" one agent asked.

"If he's there... then we should book him?" another agent asked.

The lead agent looked to them all, "undercover. If we get a DNA match then we can charge him, so we can get the DNA and send it to her for evidence, and if she matches it then we book him."

"How are we gonna go undercover?" one agent questioned.

The lead agent looked to the forensic scientist, "bring in our little friend. It's time for a makeover."




Blue lights flashed and people laughed and cheered as the woman stood on the black stage, dancing around the silver pole and flashing her ass for everyone in the club to see. A man in a tuxedo was sitting on one of the seats watching not only the girl, but the crowd around her. No sign of the man yet.

Anikan pulled out his phone, opening the skype app and looking down his contact list to see several messages from his girlfriend. He answered them vaugly, as he could not break cover, and put his phone away as the stripper walked down the stage and back through the curtains. Another stripper would come out next, and Anikan would have a bit of fun watching this performance.

Anikan spoke into the earwig, "you're up swan."

Behind stage, a girl was wearing an outfit she knew other people would love, but one she didn't. It consisted of a shiny white bunny suit that covered the upper half of her body, just barely covering the area between her legs and leaving her legs exposed. A glittery black and white bunny symbol covered the front, and a pair of bunny ears was sitting on her head. She looked down at her hands, frowning at the white sleeves covering her wrists that lead up to her elbow. It exposed a lot of her body, a body that she didn't like to show to anyone but Lucas. Of course Spencer had seen and explored it, but that was a one time thing. She was relunctant to take on the role, but it was for her friend. Well, if you could call Andrew that.

Kailey changed into the outfit and heard Anikan talking over the earwig and growled back to him, "shut up Ani."

"Hey it was either you or Katie," he said back.

"What about Jaxi?" Katie said over the comm.

"I don't need any more marks on my shin from that shorty," Anikan answered.

"Good choice Ani," Jaxi said to her friend.

"Ani didn't you consider her an option for the stripper?" Ryan said with a smirk on his face.

"Uh... no... no I didn't. Nope no way," Anikan denied as he stared at Kailey's cleavage as she danced seductively on the stage.

"Oh yeah you said her boobs were too small to fit into the bunny suit right?" Ryan said as he screwed his friend over.

Jaxi growled at him over the comm and Anikan temporarily popped his earwig out before shouting across the strip club to Ryan, "what happened to rule number three!?"

Kailey nervously walked towards the curtains, seeing a woman rush out and walk down towards the dressing room. Kailey then remembered the IDs they were given were faked, and that she was under a complete different alias. It didn't matter if she did this, because nobody would identify her as Kailey Swanson.

The girl smirked and walked through the curtains, strutting down the stage as the crowd eyed her. Anikan's eyes widened as he watched her performance, and saw her move gracefully up the pole, swinging around it as people tossed their dollars at her and tucked even more into her panties.

"Well damn," Anikan muttered under his breah.

"You do realize we can hear you?" Ryan said over the comm, making Anikan's face turn red.

Across the room was the bar, where the drunks lied and others joined them. A man in a dirty brown jacket was half alseep at the bar, two beer mugs knocked over in front of him. His hair was messy and a brown beanie covered it, but his stubble and bloodshot eyes finished the look of a worthless drunk. 

"Two more shots of whisky," Ryan muttered to the woman standing behind the counter.

Katie smiled at him as she grabbed one of his mugs and began washing it out with a cloth, "no more for you kid."

Katie was wearing a white t-shirt with a black vest over it and had her brown hair tucked into a hat that disguised both her identity, but her gender. She was known online greatly in the anime community for her art, and if she were to be recognized it would blow the operation. So with a simple hat and an attempt at changing her voice, she became Steven Ives.

She continued cleaning the glass and took off her hat for a second, placing it down beside her as she walked down the stepstool behind the bar. She was too short to pass as a bartender, and looked more like a kid than anything, so she was forced to use a stepstool. She grabbed a shotglass as she eyed a man approaching the bar.

A man with long black hair sat down beside Ryan, muttering his order to the bartender. Ryan laid his head against the bar and looked over the man's face, making sure he wasn't in disguise. Kazata could use a fake ID, so the bouncer's job wouldn't always be reliable. 

"Here you go," Katie said as she pushed the drink to him.

"Thanks girl. Hey how about you come home with me and have a little fun?" the man said as he eyed her.

"Um... uh..."

"SAY NOTHING!" shouted a man over the intercom.

"Shut up Agent Parrish!" shouted another girl over the intercom.

Katie laughed nervously, "yeah I don't think so."

The man shrugged and walked off, "suit yourself."

Katie sighed and put her hair back up, putting the hat on her head to disguise herself. She then began wiping down the beer on the bar when she noticed Ryan's head still down, and heard snores coming from his direction. She slapped him on the back of the head with the washcloth and he jumped up, falling out of his seat and hitting the floor. Katie smirked and took another customer's order, grabbing another glass.

Outside, the fifth agent was doing her job. A short girl in a black tuxedo and sunglasses was standing at the door, and if she didn't have a bouncer nametag on her chest then nobody probably would've thought she was nothing more than a child. A man walked up to the door and she stopped him, "ID?"

"Hey man I'm a regular here! Ask-


He whimpered and flashed Jaxi his ID and she gave a cute little girl smile, "thank you."

The man walked into the bar and she checked the next one's ID before tapping her earwig, "not Kazata."

"Still... damn that was scary," said one of the other agents over the earwig. Jaxi smirked and glanced at the black van in the nearby alley, whipping her hair over her shoulder before looking at another approaching man.

Inside the dark black van parked in the alleyway were two more agents, well one agent and their forensic scientist. Agent Spencer Parrish was sitting in the van, glancing out the tinted windows in case they needed to make a move. Their forensic scientist, Amber Mills, was sitting in the back with her equipment. They'd get the DNA and pass it to Ryan, and Jaxi would kick him out onto the streets where he would pass it to her for comfirmation.

Spencer looked down at the dashboard, looking at the camera implanted on the pin on Anikan's tuxedo. He watched as Kailey danced around the pole, and then moved her ass up and down the pole as a man tossed a large bundle of money on the pole. He began to realize that was way more then he was making as a Twitch Streamer, and for a second wished to be a girl so he could earn that much money.

Jaxi glanced away from the van, looking to a man walking out a limo stopped in front of the club. She knew that face from the minute he exited the car, Kazata Yoshikazu. He walked up to her with a man trailing him and two flashed their IDs to Jaxi. Both were fakes, but it wouldn't matter.

"Ani. Kazata is here," Jaxi whispered over the comm after the two walked inside.

Back inside, Anikan continued watching Kailey as she flashed her body to the watching bystanders. But after hearing Jaxi's warning, he glanced across the room to see the man walk down towards the stage. He tapped his pin cam and Spencer looked at the dashboard, catching a screengrab as Anikan pointed the camera at his face.

"Amber get him in facial analyzation," Spencer urged the scientist.

Amber watched the picture pop up on her laptop and she swiveled her chair around, moving the mugshot of Kazata onto the application and watching as all the facial points quickly matched. She smiled and swiveled her chair back around to the comm set as the computer began to beep.

"It's him. Get that DNA," she urged the group.

Anikan got up and moved towards Kazata as he stood by the stage and watched her, his accomplice talking up one of the waitresses who doubled as a stripper. He had to engage without giving himself up or making himsef stand out, and he decided to get sufficient DNA. Pulling a hair would be too hard, but getting spit wouldn't be.

He stood next to Kazata, "bet you five bucks she's gonna wink at me."

The man frowned but shrugged, "alright. You don't seem to be that kind of material though."

Anikan pretended to spit into his hand and put it out, with Kazata spitting into his own hand and shaking his. He then winked at Kailey who's face bacame horror stricken as she continued her dance that mezmorized the perverts watching her. She then turned around, stared at the two, and gave Anikan a flirty wink before turning around and striking a very provacative pose.

"Pay up muffinsack," Anikan told the man with a chuckle.

Kazata handed Anikan five bucks before walking off, mumbling to himself as he wiped his hand on his pants. Anikan walked over to the bar, sitting down and watching Katie hand him a shotglass filled with what looked to be vodka, but in reality was actually gatorade. He took a drink and wiped his arm on Ryan, the spit staining his coat.

Ryan then glared at Anikan, "what the fuck dude?"

"What do you mean what the fuck?"

"You just wiped your hands on me man!"

"Ain't no napkins around here!"

Anikan got up to walk away but Ryan grabbed his shoulder, causing Anikan to growl and ball his fists. He turned around and swung, slugging Ryan in the jaw. Ryan growled and pushed Anikan against the wall repeatedly punching him in the chest. Anikan retaliated with a punch to the stomach and Ryan stumbled back, falling into a table and breaking it.

After Anikan wandered off back to the stage area, the bouncer rushed in and eyed Ryan, grabbing him by the ear and dragging him to the door.

"Tsk tsk... get the hell outta here you drunken asshole," Jaxi said as she opened the door and pushed Ryan out onto the pavement. She checked the next guy's ID before Ryan got back up, stumbling towards the alley like a drunken deadbeat, him actually being the first part.

"You really gotta hit that hard?" Ryan muttered as he stumbled through the parking lot.

Anikan shrugged and smiled, "shouldn't have gotten so drunk."

He stumbled past the van and when he was out of sight, Amber opened the door and Ryan climbed inside. He slipped off his jacket and Amber took it, swabbing the spit on the side with a small white Q-tip before swiveling her chair around and typing on the computer and beginning the DNA test with her equipment on the side.

Ryan collapsed on the floor and waited for her to finish, accidentally falling asleep again. Amber slapped him on the back of the head fifteen minutes later and he jumped back up, scanning his surroundings for Amber. She had a smirk on her face.

"It's him. Book him."

Everyone heard it over the comm set, but Anikan was the first to go in. He got up out of his seat and walked across to Kazata, who was standing on the other side of the room watching the stage. But before he could get there a hooker blocked his path, and began rubbing her body on him while attempting to offer a lapdance.

"C'mon... why don't I take you in there and let you give it to me," she offered.

Anikan stuttered a denial while Katie walked out of the bar to engage him instead. But when she did, the man with long black hair blocked her path, surprised at her height as she stepped down the stepstool and lost a foot off her height.

"Hey kid what the hell you doing serving drinks here?" the man questioned.

"Uh excuse me I'm twenty!" she exclaimed.

"You look like you're sixteen!" he shouted back.

Katie kicked the man in the shin and he hit the floor, but when she looked past him Kazata was lost from sight. Kailey spotted him hidden behind a crowd of people and moved down the stage, strutting back behind the curtains where she began to plot Anikan's murder within her mind. She would go out and get him, and hopefully would be able to find him before he wound her.

But upon exiting the second set of curtains that lead out of the dressing rooms and into the public area, she was met with his assistant. He smirked and grabbed her arms, slipping a twenty into her top, "why don't we go into the back shall we?"

Kailey nervously followed the man into the lap dance room, where several small stalls containing only comfy chairs were. But even Agent Parrish had prepared for this and had hid a knife on the side of one of the chairs. The man sat down on one of the chairs and Kailey moved into the stall, closing the curtains and looking at him seductively.

She began dancing sexually around him, pushing her body down onto his bulge in his pants and taking off her top for him to see. He moved his hands up and gave her breasts a squeeze, which distracted him from her hand moving down to the knife. But even he spotted the shiny weapon in the corner of his eyes, and squeezed hard and caused her to drop it right into his lap.

The man grabbed the knife and pulled her onto his lap, forcing the knife to her neck as she tried to push his hand back. Jaxi could hear her struggles from outside, and quickly rushed out from the front of the strip club and into the public area. She then dashed into the private dance room, and was immediately filled with confusion.

"What's supposed to happen here?" Jaxi asked as she revealed the glock hidden in her waistband. She was as innocent as they came, and the only strip club she had seen was the one in Grand Theft Auto Online.

"Oh the guys pay strippers to come back there and let them fondle her boobs," Agent Parrish answered from van.

"They don't touch the stripper's no no square do they?" Jaxi questioned as she moved down the line of stalls.

Spencer snickered in the van, "no no... well most don't. Club rules that you aren't allowed to touch anything that's covered."

Jaxi pointed her gun towards the last stall and slowly moved towards it, prepared to shoot. She heard no struggling, but spotted to boots from under the curtain and began to tear up as she moved closer. She finally got in front and with her free hand, she whipped the curtain to the side.

Kailey sat on the man's lap, breathing heavily as she held a bloody knife that was still stabbed into his chest. She got up and hugged Jaxi, moving away from the dead body that laid in the stall and shivered from the aroma of death and blood that filled the room. Jaxi spoke over the comm, "accomplice dead. Get Kazata."

Anikan and Katie were both freed up from their blockers and moved across the room to find the man. They both spotted him walking out the front, and Anikan removed his concealed red colt python from his belt while Katie pulled out a black glock from her back pocket.

The two walked outside the front and spotted Kazata walking very fast to his limo, and the two pulled their guns and pointed it at him, "TKSP!"

The man looked at them in shock and rushed into the limo, Katie shooting out a tire and Anikan shattering the windshield with two gunshots. He wasn't even able to start the car before Ryan revealed himself in the passengers seat and shoved him out the door. The three rushed to him and Jaxi and Kailey joined the others, walking outside.

Katie kicked the man in the side and pointed the gun at him as he laid on the ground. Her hat fell off and he exclaimed, "a trap!?"

Katie felt her long brown hair fall along her back and shook her head, "no it's a damn disguise!"

"Still a trap!" he said as Ryan restrained him with a pair of silver handcuffs. Anikan and Ryan dragged him up and pushed him towards the incoming Special Forces car that sped around the corner, ready to rush him off to the interrogation room. Jaxi opened the door and Anikan pushed him inside, the man falling into the back before Kailey shoved the door closed.

As the Special Forces car drove off, the five walked towards the black van that was their ride home. Kailey then kicked Anikan in the back of the shin, and Anikan remembered that being the same move he used against his friend Hamster back in High School.

"What was that for!?" Anikan asked as they walked towards the van.

"For making me show off my pussy to the whole crowd!" Kailey shouted.

"Well at least you get to keep the money!" I exclaimed.

She then looked down at the money stuffed into her clothes, "oh... alright never mind then."

The five then walked over to the back of the van and watched the door open, Amber walking out. She had an excited look on her face that told us she knew something else.

"I know how Kazata is connected to Agent Blythe," she exclaimed excitedly.

"How?" we all asked in unison.

Amber showed us her laptop as we stood in the open alley and a picture of Kazata in public popped up, and another familiar man stood beside him. A man with slight brown stubble, combed brown hair, a brown longcoat and not only a pair of sunglasses clipped to his shirt, but a golden deagle in his waistband.



A shot blasted Amber in the chest, sending her to the ground. Blood burst from her body as she attempted to mutter out the man's name, but failed. Kailey and Ryan knelt down and began pushing down on the wound, but Anikan, Katie and Jaxi looked around for the shooter.

We all looked out into the street to see a car speed off, but Anikan let out the remaining four bullets in the chamber of his colt and shattered the back windshield of the car with missing plates. They looked back to Amber who was struggling to breath, and Kailey quickly called to several men exiting the strip club, "CALL 911!"


Four Days Later...


Anikan stood in the hospital room, Kailey, Ryan, Katie and Jaxi beside him. They stared down at Amber's body as she rested in bed, still recovering from the gunshot. Anikan then watched as an agent walked into the room, holding a folder that contained their case file.

"Case is over. Go home boys," the agent said as he prepared to take watch.

Anikan shook his head, "the case is just beginning."

To be continued...

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