Cosmic Knight Episode 2

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So from last episode Sam got some new facts about his family let's see how he digest them and what William has for him

Submitted: July 28, 2018

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"I am an ET." Sam sitting in a room with his grandfather said to William. He told Sam that he is and also that his father and mother were the last defense line against the evil but they lost in space with no evidence except for some trials of element xtreme which is the only thing that can kill a Cosmic Knight. He also added that his parents might be attacked and destroyed by the evils or might be trapped in some other dimension. Sam asked his grandfather about what he was really and what kind of he was going face and how he can find his parents.

William told him that a Cosmic Knight has blessed with immortality for fire, water, air, earth and the space but as everything has an end a Cosmic Knight could be kill just by the same element which give him the power called Xtreme. That was an element created in the deep darkness before the beginning of time by evil to get victory over light, but unfortunately the evil was unable to handle it and it exploded with a tremendous amount of energy and light that enough to destroy near all the evil and who remained alive fled away into the darkness. Some remains of the xtreme remained unharmed were recovered by some good ones and were used to make indestructible warrior who could not be destroyed without the Xtreme, and hence the first Cosmic Knight was born.

Later he explained that there was challenge given by the evil in which they said there will be one hundred and one wars between good and evil the one who last war will possess the power of Xtreme, the good ones were forced to accept that challenge and it continued for a long time the has won one hundred and the last one was near to begin and this time he was the last Cosmic Knight and this fight was going to be the toughest one as the most powerful evil was going to rise back and Sam needs to get too much strong for him.

"Sam listen to me this is not just a fight between good and evil but a fight to retain the most powerful thing is safe hands. The ring I gave you is the last known piece of Xtreme and its is the most powerful one, it is enough powerful to destroy the whole universe. And Sam are the only one who can save the earth." William said to Sam. " OK that is good but how to use it. And why the hell I have to do that all?" asked Sam to which William replied that he will tell him rest when the time will come, and told him to go to bed or he will get late for school. Sam stood up and left the room.

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