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Submitted: July 08, 2018

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Submitted: July 08, 2018



I understood what I am when I looked upon the stars and silenced the world around me long enough to hear the thoughts in my head. I am a planet, with all of my emotions secured to me by the gravity weighing down my heart. The momentum of a mundane life kept me orbiting a dying star of a town, and I prayed for a cataclysm to send me hurtling off into the unknown. It turned me from a planet confined to an asteroid unburdened and sent me off to explore the universe with friends or all alone. I crashed into a star so beautiful I almost ended up as a comet, her love setting fire to the cold ice I held within. She shattered me and left my core piece, now laid bare after eons to be hidden, to find a new solar system to become a part of. I drifted for a while, finding and melding with old pieces of myself along the way but never finding all of what I was. But that didn't matter, because the missing piece of myself, which I thought I had found and lost long ago, wasn't something I had even known of yet. I learned of it when I drifted through the milky way and met a lively planet called Earth. I became friends with Venus and Mercury, found an artist in Jupiter and an intellectual masterpiece in Mars. I discussed science with Saturn, art with Uranus, and the possibility of a higher existence with Neptune. Pluto and I assured each other that someday we would find a place to fit in, and then I started on my way again. I had gained knowledge of the universe, like astronomy in reverse where the universe and its endlessness discovered me instead. It showed me that I have universes in my heart, I have galaxies in my mind with civilizations that think each other fiction, my very soul itself is existence! It showed me that for every pebble there is something that thinks it infinite and for every universe there is something that thinks it insignificant, and I understood! And I understood! And I understand that nothing is finite! Right now I am still a drifting asteroid, searching for the star that will love me while we both become supernovas and go from something understandable to the beautiful events we are meant to be. And when we meet our ends, I will be content in knowing that we left behind a legacy of elements and stardust that will one day too become something they are proud of.

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