The Promise

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Submitted: July 08, 2018

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Submitted: July 08, 2018





“The Promise”

They never once touched
beyond a warm-hearted Embrace
But you can see it Written 
on the Face of Time
They are the Purest of Lovers 
the Earth has ever known
Worthy of a Throne

The Distance in the Space Between
doesn’t mean a thing because
They Glow in every Color 
On the Continuum of Light
When within Reach 
of each other’s Sight
Their eyes tell a Story 
while crowded rooms of strangers unwittingly bask 
Fully in their Glory 

Pure & Innocent 
they’ve been taking Time to Love 
their own selves 
more Deeply again

This Connection belies 
what Society 
has worked so tirelessly 
to Define 
A Romance without a Kiss
Far more Powerful than
Temporary Blissful Ignorance 

Only the Future holds 
the Essence 
the Depth
And the Richness
of their Power

One day, the Two 
will come Together 
and this Divine Delay in Gratification 
will have Changed the World
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