Two Men. One body.

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Submitted: July 08, 2018

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Submitted: July 08, 2018



The first - J. Darling - Age 33. 

The girl - Age 15. November 2005.


You groomed me by giving me special tasks. 

You had me organize your filing cabinet so you could watch me bend over. 

You kept me later than other staff. 

The night you walked me to my car was the first night you touched me. 


Soon enough, you forced your way in. 

You wrapped your hand around my neck and choked me as you thrusted. 

My virginity, stolen, in a matter of seconds. 

I didn’t want it this way. 

The thought of love was forever ruined.

You made it meaningless. 

You made me meaningless. 


10 years later, I broke and spoke your name. 


The second - J. Martinez. - Age 29.

The girl - Age 27. March 2017. 


You crept in as I slept. 

Jumped on top of me immediately. 

Your weight resembled the weight of a mountain. 


I didn’t let you in so easy this time. 

I fought you. 

From the couch to the floor back to the couch, I fought screaming ‘NO I don’t want to.’


I’ve never felt the strength of a man as I did in that moment. 

Eventually my body grew tired. 

I watched you as you forced your way into my temple. 

The look in your eyes, the grin on your lips, the smell of your breath...I was scared. 

Is this really happening again? Why? 


I slept one hour that night. 

I went to work that morning as if I still had my purity. 

That’s what we women do - hide our shame, pretend as if everything is fine when we are dying inside, and we persevere. 


I had never felt so alone. 

Nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide. No one to turn to. 


Darling and Martinez, do you see the demons inside of you? You both did this. 

But what you didn’t do is take 

My resilience.

My dreams. 

My identity.

My hope.

My passion.

My radiance.


No, you didn’t take

My goals.

My desires.

My grace.

My kindness.

My sensuality.

My integrity.


You didn’t even take

My courage.

My faith.

My gratitude.

My perseverance.

My power.

My God.

My sparkle. 


And you damn sure didn’t take my voice. 


-Angelina Rae


© Copyright 2018 Angelina Rae. All rights reserved.

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