The Last Crusaders

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The last battles of the crusades by the remaining Knight orders.

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 08, 2018



In the old desert sands,


Is a most sacred land,


Held holy by the biggest three,


None were content if it wasn't free,


So began two hundred years of war,


As men died and walls fell to a drilling bore,


The holy orders of the cross,


Fought harder after each loss,


Till they were driven to the coast,


Of their former selves little more than ghosts,


Still they fought tooth and nail,


As Saracen blood spattered their chain mail,


Behind sandstone walls they swore to their lord,


To give the infidel the cross or the sword,


As light poured into their little church,


They kissed the crucifix made of birch,


Adorned in their gleaming metal armour,


These holy warriors who were once just simple farmers,


Before they joined the strongest of the lord's fighting men,


Holy rage burning deep within,


Broadswords in hand and ready to die,


When the gates break the arrows fly,


Pinging worthlessly off of the heavily armoured knights,


Soon the Saracens became victims of a one-sided fight,


Their blood wetted the arid ground,


Fearfully the front ranks hearts started to pound,


The holy knights tore through each rank,


Taking so many lives the Saracen hopes sank,


Before they turned to flee,


The knights fell exhausted to their knees,


Only a few hundred broke the invader's will,


With one last surge they moved in for a final kill,


Previous exhaustion forgotten as their determination grew,


Soon the bloodlust was nearly threw,


As several Saracens turned to retreat,


This battle would one day end in defeat,


But not this day,


As long as there is surving knights who have a say

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