Painting Eternity

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Submitted: July 08, 2018

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Submitted: July 08, 2018



Painting Eternity


Staying down to earth,

rooted in reality, is hard.

When there's no room in you heart

for anything at all but art. 

Nothing looks as good as art feels.

Sustains me like a good meal. 

Benefits all like a good deal.

Makes me lose track of what's real,

but good riddance.

I'd rather live without a semblance

of objectivity, fantasy is what causes decency to congeal

in a mind that can't help but feel

for those it knows endure the real trouble.

Look beyond the surreal bubble

to see those people

through the peep-hole

who don't have the privilege to be so feeble like me:


fortunate to be able,

to live a life of little strife, waiting tables.

And though I can't always afford the food I'm selling,

I'm making my rent with a little to spend

and that's enough when you can dive into a portrayal of how life could be,

of how life should be,

if we could embrace the one and the other,

how life would be.


This is not to devalue "telling it like it is"

And if our press won't do it artists should step in,

because sometimes art must imitate life

to impress upon the blind what living looks like.

Artists are historians telling the story when it's still unfolding;

clay still wet for the sculptors' molding 

the sculpture of human history. 

My brothers and sisters we must decide what art we want life to imitate. 


Pieces that highlight beauty and aim to mitigate suffering because this does have a tangible impact.

Not just for the "now" but for "ever" in fact.

This might be the only afterlife that we're given.

To have our creativity be our imprint

on a future that we 

will not live to see,

but to a kid growing up 2090

this shit might make life worth living. 


So go put pen to paper,

Spill blood on a canvas,

Write a song.

Because remember friends:

"Life is short. Art is long."

© Copyright 2019 Josh Stanley. All rights reserved.

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