missing muse

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Submitted: July 09, 2018

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Submitted: July 09, 2018



You remind me to never put my trust in art

Because you were too beautiful for me to ever really understand

Too heavily guarded for me to touch 

Like a piece of modern art 

Like how you really felt 


But you still let me buy my ticket and look in your gallery 

You let me paint with your hues and color outside my lines

You let me make gentle brush strokes all over your canvas 

Until everything was red 

But you've given me a new pallet of blues and blacks 

And you've expected me to make something of it 

With tones as cold and unfamiliar as your eyes 

And shadows that create depth when there isn't any

Where there never was


You have reminded me to never trust art 

Because art is always up for interpretation 

And it seems we found different meanings in this piece we've created

So I'll stand here admiring a work of the past 

While all you'll do it critique it 

I’ll lie wishing I could paint like that again 

You’ll spend your time regretting it


You have reminded me to never trust in art 

Because the fruits of my labor have gone sour

Waiting for you to taste them again 

I am dried up and withered 

Begging for something 




But I remain your starving artist 

And you my missing muse 


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