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Submitted: July 09, 2018

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Submitted: July 09, 2018



 I wrote this at a time in my life when I was at my lowest and in so much pain every single day. I thought about taking my life multiple times, but I pulled through to the other side and now I'm doing much better:) Thanks to the Mercy and Grace of GOD, but at the time when I wrote this. He was nowhere to be found. 


Life.... What are you?, you baffle me, confuse me, you fill me will joy and then slam me down! Never Easy. Aches and Pains

Something new that bares no evidence of fixing, no cure, makes no sense, creates dent after dent after dent!. Emotions of everyone have a chance to recycle, only in our dreams can they bring a fresh slate to the day. Pain.... Multiple years, tears that could fill wells, that could quench the thirst of many, if only YOU'D Let them in for a DRINK!!!

 It's all about fear.... This dark windy and lonely path will make you sick, SICK! of others, sick of yourself, SICK of GOD..... god You've abandoned me, you've left me deserted, a gaping hole in my chest. What use can I be when I feel like I'm constantly broken and only a burden? When things were right, it was easy to feel


to have faith in the day... 


Make the days count they say, but I'm just countin the days, searching for enjoyment as time passes away. A glimpse, you want it to stay, some happiness, joy, bliss, but only the reminder of pain

No rest,  can't close my eyes, every time I do, I feel like apart of me dies, crys, sighs, slowly dying inside. Always something to worry about, I try to speak these words and tears pour out of my mouth. I can't figure it out!! They say feel what you feel don't keep anything down, somethin you're repressin stressin about, this confusion is causin depression. WHY CAN"T YOU FIGURE IT OUT!!? Until you get the lesson it's not goin to stop, but how do you find the bottom if you can't find the start...


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