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Just something I wrote while I was extremely cross faded and in my feelings, also after I put my hand in a spider web lol

Submitted: July 09, 2018

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Submitted: July 09, 2018



I am sorry I'm scared of spiders

but maybe I'm just afraid of myself

what I see is a reflection of me

when I dust these cob webs off the shelf

The spider and I are so much alike 

just so many things I relate to

the web I weave torn down with one strike

by creatures that love to hate you

I'm such a hypocrite because I've killed them before

and never would I ever let one walk through my door

yet I expect kinder from creatures like me

I am terrified of myself, don't you see?

So many suffer from arachnophobia

so what is the source of this fear?

souls surrounded by claustrophobia 

I think the reason is clear 

I'm looking for the truth in one-thousand eyes

But as soon as I see it I'll kill it with lies

stomp it out and leave it like I don't even care

pretend I wasn't scared even when it was there

eventually everything beautiful dies

yes I'm scared of spiders, and now

you know why.

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