the adventures of the billington boys

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three brothers, lots of clues, one save there dad from his real death...

Submitted: July 09, 2018

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Submitted: July 09, 2018




“Coming mom” I said, as I ran down the stairs. She always interrupted my games. “Mom”,“ I almost won the game! There was one more level.” “ Well” mom said, “Your game is going to have to wait a little longer, because something came in the mail for you.” “What for me”? I said. “Yes for you”. So I walked to the door and opened it. Sitting there was a box it said “To my dearest Billington Boys”. I was so confused. Why would mom say it was for me? “Mom” I said. “Yes?” said mom. “This is for all of us”. “Oh, sorry” said mom. “It's fine”. Then I went upstairs to show my brothers. Before I go any further, let me tell you a little more about me and my family.

I am Mike and I am Fourteen years old and I am the oldest out of two other brothers. My two brothers are Randy, and Mason. Randy is twelve and he loves baseball. He has baseball everything. Baseball cards, baseball bobbleheads, and even baseball boxers. He also plays in baseball and is very sporty. Then there is Mason. He is thirteen years old and is a lot like Randy except he likes basketball. Just like Randy, he has everything basketball! So back to the story. I opened the door to my room and grabbed my walkie talkie. All of the Billingtons had walkie talkies to stay in touch. I said into the walkie talkie “please meet me in my room, it's a surprise”. Then they all came running in. “Wow” said Randy. “What's in there” said Mason. “I don't know” I said. “Well then let's find out” said Mason. As we opened the box it started to glow. It got really bright then it disappeared. We looked inside. It looked like a book. A really big book. I pulled it out. There in my hands was a big red book with a lock. “They're must be a key somewhere” said Randy. “ Look in the box” said Mason. I took another peek into the box. I saw nothing so I tipped the box over, out slipped a white envelope. “Open it open it!” cried Randy.” Okay” I said. I flipped the envelope over. On the back side it read, “ To  the Billington Boys” . “ That's weird” said Mason.” No one ever sends us cards”. “True” I said. So I just opened it because it seems like they were all too scared. On the inside was a note. I carefully unfolded the note. On it was fancy handwriting, the type my father used before he died. He died mysteriously and they never closed the case, he got murdered but they don't know how. He was a mystery. Anyways On the sheet of paper it read

“Dear Beloved Billington Boys,

I your father made this book for your adventures and journeys. I made it so it would give you something fun to do over time as you boys grow up. I know the book is locked so it's up to you to find the key but I will give you one hint. “ Tree house” . I love all  three of you so much but now it's time for you to start your adventure.  With lots of love , your father,

Charles L. Billington  

“Wow” said Mason. “Well” I said “let's go find us that key”.


We must have checked everywhere in the tree house when I finally found something. It was a book with an arrow on it. The arrow was pointed right at the garden gnome.”Hey guys” I said “I know this sounds funny but I am going to look at the garden gnome”. “Okay” said Mason. I walked over to the gnome. I grabbed it and started shaking it. Nothing. I flipped it upside down and then saw it. On the bottom left foot it read “ My work room”. “ Hey guys” I said. They all ran over. Then I showed them the weird clue. “Dads shop? “ said Mason. “That's all the way on the sunny side of town”. “Let's grab our bikes and go then” I said. Then I grabbed my backpack and put the book in it.

Three minutes later we finally got our mom to let us go. “Be safe kids” she told us. “Don't worry mom” we all said. As we were biking we talked about where the key might be. We came up with the following ideas.

  • On his desk

  • Under his desk

  • In his tool box

  • In a hidden box (Randy)

Pretty much only those sort of ideas. We were almost there,

Two more blocks. We finally got to the gates, on top of the gate they're was a sign. The sign read “The Auto Man”. My dad named it after him. But now the place is run down. Black vines grew up and around the gate and the shop. The sign was missing the U in “Auto Man”. I feel a sad memorie pop in my head, it's most of the reason why my mom worries, the reason my dad died, the reason I am now going to have a flashback.

“Mom” I cried. I had just fallen off my bike. “Hold on baby” she said as she ran over. “Aghh” I screamed. It was late June of 2008 and I was four years old, I had just fallen right off my new bike. I hit my knee really hard on the pavement.”It's okay” she said scooping me up into her arms”. She laid me down on the couch and got me a blue ice pack. When she set it on my knee it stung from the cold bitter feeling. She sat by me and we just sat and talked for a couple of minutes. Then the phone rang.”I will be right back” said mom. She ran to the kitchen to answer the phone that was hanging on our wall. We live in a pretty old house four bedroom two bathroom house. We have a nice sized backyard and a nice swing. We also have a nice deck to sit on. Anyways my mom went to answer the phone, she picked it up. “Hello”,”Yes this is” “What” “Oh my gosh, we will be they're right away”. Then from that moment a mix of things happened all at once. She first started crying, then she came and got me. She said calmly. “They found your father and we have to go to the police station”. “What happened to daddy” I said. My mom said very serious “They found your father sleeping and he wont wake up”. “When will he wake up” I said. “I don't know hunny, but we have to go now”. Then she packed me, Mason, and Randy all into our jeep and headed down to the station.

“Mike”, “Mike”,”MIKE”!!!! “Oh I am so sorry” I said.” You were out in space for like three minutes” said Mason. “I had a flashback” I said.”Oh, you good?”. “ Yeah I am fine”. “But we have to go now”. “Good idea” said Mason. So we locked our bikes to the old fence, and headed to the front door of the “Auto Man Shop”.

Once we finally got the door to open we walked in side. It made me sad to think about him not being in they're fixing or making somethings new or old. But I got over that quickly because Randy being Randy tripped and fell into an oversized trash can that had been empty for ten years.


“Oww”, “guys not funny” I said. “ Sorry” laughed Mike and Mason. I was struggling getting out of the garbage can when I realized that the key could be in the last thing he was working on, and Mike knows just what that was.”Hey Mike” I said.” Yeah” said Mike.”What was the last thing dad was working on before well before-” “His death” blurted Mason. “Yes, his death” I said. “Well” Mike said “that would be the piano doorbell”.”Groovy” said Mason. “And where would that be?” I asked. ”On his shelf with the rest of his inventions” said MIke.”Okay” I said. So we looked around a little and found nothing. ”Where did it go!” asked Mason.”I don't know” me and Mike said at the same time. ”Well, actually I might”. ”What?” I said. ”It's in another room” Mike said. ”The door to the room is right there”. “Okay” I said. Then Mike grabbed a pair of chain cutters. ”Why would we need these?” I asked. ”So we can cut the chain on the door” Mike said. So Mike lead the way like he always does. I don't like that about him, just because he is the oldest he is in charge of everything. Why can’t Mason lead the way for once? He is only a year younger. Or why can’t I lead the way, I am only two years younger than Mike and one year younger than Mason. It's stupid. Anyways we started walking towards two doors that open into a hallway. They were not locked. They just needed to be pushed hard because they have not been open for ten years. When we finally got the door to open and cut the vines off so we could get through, we started down the long and dark hallway.

As we were walking down the hallway (which seems to be going on forever), I sort of have an unpleasant memory.

It was a warm, but breezy summer day. My brothers and I were all hanging out. Mike was on his bike, Mason was listening to the radio that had the sport channel on, and I was inspecting a leaf that had just fallen from a tree. At this time I was only two years old. Anyways we were all having a fun time when all of the sudden Mike fell off his new bike. Then my mom came and scooped him up. She was saying things like, “It's okay hunny, don't worry”.”Your fine”. After she scooped him up, she put him on the couch and then gave him an ice pack for his knee. Then the phone rang. She ran to the kitchen to answer it. The rest was a blur, she grabbed me and Mason and put us in the car. We then drove to the police station where they sent us to the hospital. When we got to the hospital they took us to a window. We looked in. I saw daddy laying on a table.”What is he doing on the table?” I asked. “Umm” mom said “he is umm just sleeping hunny, just sleeping”. Then a nurse took me and Mike away. Mason somehow got mom to let him stay. So I did not know what happened after that. But I remember daddy never coming home ever again, and now I know that he is dead. Then later after that I learned he got murdered and they do not know who or how it happened.

“RANDY”, “RANDY”.”Sorry” I said.”I had a bad memory”.”Okay” said Mike.”Hey guys” Mason yelled,”The door is right here behind these vines”.”We are coming” yelled Mike. We ran over to the door and Mike handed Mason the chain cutters. First he cut the vines, then the chains. Then we all had to push the doors open. Once we got the door to open, we found ourselves looking at a empty room with one table. We walked over to the little circular table. The table was an old red table, you could barely tell it was red, because the paint was all chipping off. We all looked at each other then at the table. I took a step toward the table, just close enough to take the white envelope off the table. I carefully took the envelope off the table, and read it out loud.”Guys” I said, “I will read it to you”. “Sounds good” said Mason.”You can read ?” said Mike.”Shut up you jerk” I said,”I know how to read”.”Geez, someone went to sleep past his bedtime” said Mike. Mason whispered in my ear “ignore him, he is just trying to be cool”. So I decided just to read the note. It says “Dear Billington Boys, you found the next clue. I am so proud of you. I am now going to tell you the truth about my death. I knew I was going to be murdered, so I made the book for you and hid the notes just in time.  This is no ordinary book, this book will take you on real adventures. Have fun, now open the package, it has everything else you need to know.

Love your father,

Charles L. Billington  


“Wow” I said picking up the package.”It's my turn to do something” I said.”Go for it Mason” said Mike. I took one step so I was right next to Randy, then I grabbed the package from off the table. I looked at Randy then at Mike.”Well” Mike said “OPEN IT!”. “Shut up Mike” I said.”You're always such a jerk to me and Randy, you need to stop”.”Fine” said Mike. Then I went back at looking back at the package.”It's taped” I said,”Anyone have a pocket knife?”.”I do” said Randy. Randy slowly opened the knife, then handed to me. I quick grabbed the handle of the knife, then started on the box.

It took me a couple minutes but I finally got it. I folded the knife and gave it back to Randy.”Thanks” I said.”No problem” said Randy. Then I opened the folds on the box, then pulled out the square object that was inside. As I was pulling it out (the object), another envelope fell out. This time it was a red envelope, not a white one like before. I opened the envelope and pulled out another note. On the back of this one it said “The Truth”. I read that aloud to my brothers.”Do you think he means the truth about his death ?” asked Mike.”I am positive” I said. I unfolded the letter. Then read aloud,“This is the truth, I am sorry to tell you this way and instead in person. The book I made is dangerous, it contains stuff that can hurt or even kill you. I never meant it to be harmful. I just wanted to make a cool thing for you boys to do. Now back to the truth about my death. As I was making this book I got stuck in it. I can sometimes communicate with you, that's how I hid the notes and the package and invention. But now I cant get out. I know you can get out if you come in. I need you to save me. I know they found my body, the book did that. Once I come out of the book my other body will dissapear and everything will go back to the way it was. No one but us four will ever know what actually happened.  So it's now all up to you guys to save me and get me out of here. I know you have not seen me for a long time, but you will once you get me out of here.

Hope to see you very soon,

Your Daddy, Charles L. Billington.

“Oh my gosh this is scaring me so so so bad” said Mike.”We have to save dad” I said, “we can’t just let him die in a book”.”True” said Randy. I set the envelope back on the table and took the other thing out of the box. I slowly pulled out the invention that was in there. I took it out, it was the piano doorbell! I pushed it. Instead of making the noise it was supposed to make, it opened. Inside was a small key the kind that would fit inside the book. I asked Mike for the backpack and he handed it to me. I opened the backpack and took out the book. Then put the key in the lock. Perfect fit. Then I slowly turned the key, then “Click” it opened.” hey guys I got it”.”Good” Mike and Randy said.”Now let's go back home and go to our tree house, then we can open the book”.”Okay” said Randy.”Then let's go” said Mike.

We walked back down the hallway, and out the front doors. We walked right out the front gates. Then grabbed our bikes and started to ride back home.

Along the way I had a memory of my dad. It was when I saw his body supposably “Sleeping” on a silver bed. Covered with a blue sheet. It was a sad day for me and the rest of my family. Then I realized what was actually happening. He was died, and would never come back. Until now…. now he could come back.

When we got home we let my mom know that we were back. Then all three of us ran to the tree house. We climbed up the ladder in this order. Me, then Mike, then Randy. The reason why I mention that is because of what is going to happen. Mike started shaking the ladder making Randy unstable so he would fall off. I climbed into the tree house and was watching. I was also yelling at Mike to stop. Then in a flash Randy fell from half way up. The tree was very tall and he was almost to the top. He kept falling and falling.”Help” he screamed. Mike laughed. I cried. Just as I said “Randy” he hit the ground with a thud. I called his name, no answer I called his name again. Still no answer. I could not believe Mike right now. Mike was a bully, he picked on us and other kids. He is one of those kids who act one way in front of an adult and acts like a complete jerk when he is just with kids. It sucks being his brother. Once Mike reached the top I quick punched him the climbed down the latter towards my brother. Once I reached him I shook him. He was out cold. I heard him still breathing, that's a good sign. Then I heard Mike coming down the latter.”Your going to pay for that little bro” he said in a deep voice.”Im sorry Randy I said, then I ran. I ran to mom of course. I guess being in track helps you run away from your older brother. I opened the front door and screamed “MOM!!!”.”I am right here” she called from the dining room. I ran right to her and told her what happened. Right as I finished Mike came into the dining room where me and mom were standing.”Mike” she yelled, “room now”.”Fine” he yelled stomping up the stairs. Then me and my mom ran outside to get Randy.


“FIne!” I said really loud, then stomped up the stairs. When I reached my room I slammed the door so hard that it made this old rickety house shake. I jumped on my bed and screamed into my pillow. The only reason I made him fall is because of a girl. I know that sounds dumb but we have a neighbor she is a year older than me. Anyways she was sitting in a lawn chair reading a book. I was just trying to impress, but I truly did not mean for my brother to fall. I am now just crying because I think I just hurt my brother really bad. I walk towards my window and look out. Instead of seeing him up and okay, I saw mom on her phone. I opened the window so I could hear who she was talking too.”Please hurry, he wont wake up.” So she is probably called 911. Then she looked up and saw me.”Mike, just pack a bag and go start my car” she said. “We will be leaving when the ambulance comes”.”Okay” I said glumly. Then I got my duffel bag and put in an outfit just incase. Then my phone and it's charger. I went down stairs and grabbed a gatorade from the fridge and a mini bag of chips from off the shelf. I then walked over to my jacket and put it on. I put my hand in my pocket then pulled out my wallet. I opened it and made sure there was money for the food machines in the emergency waiting room. I walked over to a small shelf and grabbed my moms keys and went into the car. I opened the drivers side door of the car. Then started it. After I put my stuff in the car the ambulance pulled in. Then two men came running out with a stretcher. They ran right into my backyard, I followed. I felt so bad. I stood behind a tree and watched them grab Randy and put him on the stretcher and then put him into the ambulance. Then mom told me and Mason to get into the car and buckle up. When Mason got into the car he looked at me and said very slowly and angrily, “You are the worst person I ever met, and you deserve to be Randy right now”. I did not reply.”Why do you do this” asked Mason.”Just shut up” I said.”HEY” mom said.”Mike your already in enough trouble. Just try to be nice”.”Fine” I said. It was a long drive to the hospital, no one said a word the rest of the way there. When we arrived at the hospital I grabbed my bags and followed mom inside.”Go sit down you two” mom said. So I found a spot on the opposite side of the waiting room so Mason would not yell at me. Then I grabbed my phone and put my earbuds in them. Then I turned on some music.

I must have fallen asleep when my mom was shaking me and yelling at me.”Sorry” I said.”Come on, we have to go in by your brother”.”Okay” I said.”We will be spending the night or nights until he wakes up” said mom.”Great” I mumbled underneath my breath. Then one of the nurse introduced herself and then led us to Randy’s room. His room was in the back corner. His room had two beds and a pull out sofa in it. It also had a bathroom with a sink and a shower. Pretty nice for a hospital room. I took a seat on the left side of his bed. He was still out cold.”This is going to be a long night” I said.


“Shut up Mike” Mason yelled at him.”No you shut up” said Mike.”Why don't we all shut up” mom said.”Mom” I said.”Randy, are you okay. We need a doctor” mom said.”What's happening” I said.Then I realized that I had oxygen tubes in my nose, then I remembered I fell of the latter because of Mike. Then all I remember was the doctors coming in and taking me away from my mom and brothers.They brought me into a room then stood me up. They shined lights in my eyes, and looked in my ears.Then did a lot of other things too.That's when I saw another girl. I think she had cancer, because she was bald and stuff.”Hi” I said.”Hey” she said.”I'm Randy”.”I’m Ava” .”How old are you?” Ava asked.”Twelve” I said.”Same” she said. Then the doctors said it was time to go.”Bye” I said.”Bye” said Ava. I wish I could have talked to her more. She seemed cool. I wonder what is wrong with her? Then they brought me back to my room where my mom and brothers were sitting. They were all just yelling about me, and how Mike should of not made me fall. It was a mess.”Hey!” I said.”Stop yelling my head hurts”.”Sorry hunny” mom said. Then all I remember was me falling to sleep. I woke up when the doctors came in and told my mom what is all wrong. They said “ your son has crushed lungs and a broken leg. We checked for any brain damage but we found nothing”. “Oh good” said mom. Then they left.”Mom” I said,”when am I getting out of here?” “I don't know hunny, soon I hope”. “Okay” then I fell back asleep.


I just don't get it. Why is Mike such a jerk to us? Why Randy? I really don't know why Mike is a jerk. I should find out what is happening with him. Maybe I should spy.

A couple days later we left the hospital. My mom me and Mike all shared a small room a little down the hall from Randy’s room. As we checked out Randy did not look so good.”Are you okay?” I asked.”Yeah” said Randy, “Just tired from everything”. Then he went quite so I did some thinking myself. I had a same thought that kept repeating in my head. Why does Mike do this stuff? I know what your probably thinking, your thinking that it's just because he is a boy and a teenager. That's not it. Something is wrong, something not to good.

Once we got home I went to my room. Then I pulled out my notebook and pencil and started jotting down notes. It looked like this

Things I know about Mike

  • He has a crush on the neighbor girl

  • He did not like that me and Randy where born

  • He likes attention

  • He is not a bully at school

  • He does not have as many friends as he says he does

  • He most of the time sits alone

  • Has home  lunch everyday

Then I shut my notebook and just thought.

The next day I used my walkie talkies to contact my other brothers. We then met in my room. I put my notebook in my closet where Mike would not look. I don't know what would happen if he found it. Would he beat me? Would he make me black and blue? I don't know but it might not be good. Right as I closed the closet door my brothers came in. I helped Randy since he had a broken leg. When we finally got him seated down and crutches against the wall, I started to talk. I said “So, how is everything?”. “How is everything!!” said Randy,”It's awful, my leg hurts and it hurts to breath”.”And it's all because of him”. Randy said.”Mike just stared at Randy. He did not say a word. A couple minutes past when Mike said,”So what do you want Mason?”.”Well” I started to say.”I wanted to know when you want to do the book?”.”The book!!!” said Mike.”That's what you worried about? Randy has crushed lungs and a broken leg, you want to do the book?”. “Yes” I replied.”Then your on your own” Mike said and left my room. Then Randy said “Me too” and he slowly got up and used his crutches and walk out of my room.That's great, both of my brothers left me. Maybe I should do it by myself? Then I got up and walked to my chest in the middle of the room. I opened it and grabbed the book. I closed it then walked right down stairs and out the front door. I ran to the tree house hoping my brothers would not see me. Then I climbed up the ladder. Once I got to the top I pulled the ladder up so know one could come up and see what I am doing. Then I opened the book and turned the first blank page. I kept turning pages on every page they're was a picture. I picture of a different world. On one page there was a jungle on another there was the moon.”Cool” I said aloud. Then the book slammed shut. It almost got my hand! Then it opened, it turned to the first page. It said “Chapter one”. Then I flipped the page, and boom it sucked me in.



I landed feet first on the ground. I looked around I was in a large place, the trees were taller then skyscrapers. The ground was green with mass. Mushrooms covered the ground. Birds chirping, bugs buzzed, and the roars of the rivers echoed through the wilderness. Then I figured out where I was, I was in the Rainforest.

I was cold it was starting to rain, I hadn't moved one step I was to afraid. My dads notes said something about completing a level and stuff like that. Then I thought “Maybe I have to move”. So I took some steps. All of a sudden blue lights turned on, it shined in my eyes. Then in a blue circle my dads face appeared. He started talking, he said “ Well done, you made it to the first chapter, I will now tell you the rules of the game. After my hologram is done talking a note will appear, It will tell you what the three things you have to find within the level are. You will then take the three objects and wait until my hologram turns on again, I will give you a map where it will show where the “Place” is. Here is a backpack and your first clue. Good luck.

My backpack dropped, my clue was on it. I ripped the clue of and read it. It read “It's big, it's loud, and it bites. When you find me i will fight for it. It's my treasure”.

So I am thinking it is probably a big cat. But what kind, all of them freaking bite.”Dad!” I shoute. I am mad at him, why can’t I just leave. I know I can’t. I have to get dad out of here. I just have to.

I'm on my way to find this big animal that bites. The  first thing that came to my mind was a big cat of some sort. I think of tigers, leopards, jaguars, and lions. But the rainforest was quiet the only noise was the trees moving in the wind and the sound of my heavy breathing. I decide that I will probably be in here for a couple of days so I should build a shelter of somesort. I walk towards the part of the rainforest that has more branches and leaves on the ground. As I was walking, I saw an old abandoned car that looked like it was the for 100 years. But it probably wasn't. I walked towards the car and opened the door and peeked in. It was pretty nice in there I could honestly sleep in it instead of making a shelter but I thought making a shelter would be way more fun. So I just searched the car. I opened the trunk and I found a blanket and some old old food that I would never eat. So I took the blanket then went back to the front of the car and ripped the leather so I could drag my stuff around and not carry it. I also took the cigarette lighter so I could make a fire. I carried the blanket and leather to a spot that was not covered with ants and near the water. I dropped down the blanket so I could come back to my spot. Since it was around noon I started to gather the sticks and logs to make my shelter. I got it least 13 logs and 30 sticks. I started on my shelter. I put the logs on the bottom to stabilize it then worked up using the little sticks. When I was finally done, I put my blanket inside and put the leather on the top of my shelter then grabbed some strong but little wood pieces and hammered them in with a rock. I went and collected rocks and made a fire pit. Then got fire wood and dry leafs and made a fire.

?As the night got colder I started to cry. I was hungrey, sad, and scared at one time. I did not know when I would be coming home. But I just hoped soon....


?To Be Continued......


© Copyright 2019 ChloeFelde. All rights reserved.

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