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A thrilling story about a dark Jester who kills kids using the power of Fortnite.

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



I never liked the darkness. I never will like it . Yet I never thought it could posses a human body. As usual I was wrong. This mistake killed me. This story is a warning.

It started when I was playing fortnite with my friend Johnny. we were looting the house’s in Salty spring’s. His avatar stopped moving. I heard static through the mic then as clear as day I heard someone speak through. ‘your next’.

For a few brief moment’s I was frozen with fear. Then I picked up my phone. I immediately dialled the emergency services. When they arrived at my house I repeated what had happened. ‘Kid drop the charade this is serious. And that game fortnite it’s ruining your brain’s.’ As you can guess they didn’t believe me. I went to my room. I found a note on my bedside table. I unfolded it.  ‘I see that your a snitch be careful or I’ll have to kill your family too.’ I trembled with fear. I noticed that there was a card underneath the note. A joker. Marked with the name The jester. later I was walking home from the shop. There was bench to my right. There was a note on the bench. There was the same card that had been in my room . I picked up the note and unfolded it. ‘look in the ditch behind the bench’. I carefully walked towards the ditch. There was a body in the thorns. I nearly puked. The body had a jester mask on it. I gently took the mask off. It was Johnny. His mouth was stitched up in a grotesque smile. I started to cry. ‘WHY,why?!’.

The jester was silently watching, silently, contentedly.

After I had mourned my friend’s death I walked home. I hated the fact  that I had no way to stop this sociopath. Once I came through the door I locked it. someone was speaking. I listened closer. ‘I hope you didn’t place all your hope on the fact that you could lock me out.’ I turned around to identify the voice. A man in a black and an orange pinstriped suit . I looked up he was tall. He had a horrible mask it was a jester. He held a knife in his hand. He lunged at my neck. I hit him in the face. His mask fell off. There was black veins showing through his pale skin. Then I kicked him in the gut. He fell to the floor hard and fast. ‘Whats wrong with your face’. ‘ ...darkness’. ‘I am the reason children are scared of the dark’. ‘Now you know to much.’ ‘I have to kill you now’. I ran upstairs. Not thinking. All I was running on now was adrenalin. I hid in my wardrobe. He came up the stair’s slowly deliberately .  Trying to seize the fear inside me. make me predictable to make the job easier for him. I wasn’t going to give in to him. His footstep’s closing in on me. He was so close that I could hear his breathing. He knocked on the wardrobe door. ‘Hello’. His knife came through the door quicker than lightning. He had missed me though. The knife was stuck in the door. I had no time to lose. I kicked the door as hard as I could. It hit him squarely in the nose. I jumped up and ran for my life. I nearly fell down the stairs numerous times. I fumbled with the key as I tried to open the door. Then I sprinted for cover. I hid behind a blue fiat pinto. I peeked from my cover. He was there, dark, black blood gushing from his nose. ‘I’m gonna kill you slow and painfully for that one. Feel the wrath of the angel Lucifer’. He ripped a stop sign from the ground and threw it through the windshield of the fiat. Next he pulled out his knife and threw it at me. It embedded itself in my thigh. 

I woke up in a hospital room. There was a bright light shining in my eyes. after a few minutes of talking I was allowed to leave the hospital. As I went to sleep I noticed a card on my bedside table.It was a get well soon card. I opened it a joker card fell out of it. Inside a message was written for me. I’ll be back. Soon after I had drifted into a dream. The evil man was sitting there in his pinstriped suit.’ I hope you didn’t think I would just leave you alone. I’m back and this time there will be no mercy.’ I woke up sweating a river. I fell back asleep soon after. When I woke up it was still dark. I walked towards my window. Who was there but him the jester. He was mouthing the words I’ll kill you. He disappeared in a blinding flash of light. Next I noticed a noose swinging from the tree in my back garden. I tilted my head to see what was causing the noose to swing but I couldn’t. I went down the stairs slowly, cautiously. When I opened the back door I seen that the jester was hanging from the noose. I came up closer to double check if he was dead. I heard the door slam shut and the lock click into place. I felt a hand brush off me. I spun round tosee what was touching me. To my horror the jester was floating in the air his mask fell off. His eyes were turned in to his head. The black veins were showing again and he was mumbling something under his breath. almost as if he was chanting a spell. One of the garden chairs crashed into my back. ‘I’m sorry but you must die young one’.I felt as if my lungs were being crushed my bones breaking under some invisible force. I was drifting into unconsciousness . Then everything went dark. I never woke up again.

© Copyright 2018 Cormac PM Byrne. All rights reserved.

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