What Does Love Take?

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Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



I can be your soulmate.

I can hold you in the rain.

I wanna love you.

Will you let me?  

Would you let me hold you?

I can tell you stories.

I can share heartache.

I can be your guardian angel.

I can take a bullet and come back from death to take care of you.

Don't mourn for me.

Your sweet eyes don't deserve misery.

For all that I can be, will someone love me?  

Can I entrust my heart upon you?  

Can you carry the heavy load?  

For I can carry yours.

You don't need money.

You don't need looks.

I can write you poetry, of forgotten words, unspoken tales just for you.

I can preach our love to the world of a audience.

I can sing my heart to you, if you listen.

Will anyone want the gifts I bring?

Will there be a heart given to me?  

What is the formulas I need, for someone to love me?

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