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NOTE- Based on a real story.

This is a story about a boy named Jonathan. He was a healthy boy but once due to certain circumstances, he was forced to go to Dr. Happy. He was a doctor who assured that the patients who went to
him would always return happily. But was that really true? Did Jonathan ever return? Were the patients really happy? to know more keep reading the real story behind Dr. Happy. the mystery of

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



Dr. Happy




Jonathan was a happy but often naughty young boy. Not much bothered him except for one thing—doctors. He feared he'd never come back again if he visited one. Fortunately for him, he was healthy enough that he never had to make that dreaded trip to the doctor. However, all his good health disappeared one day in his tenth year of life. It was a day that forever changed his life.
 Once, It so happened that while playing with his friends a boy had kicked the ball so hard that in order to catch it he fell. In a while, he realized that his mouth was bleeding, all the boys gathered around. 
Jonathan in anger asked who was the creep to kick the ball so hard but none replied. After a while, he noticed that there was a boy shabbily dressed staring at him with a slight smile on his face just as Jonathan was heading towards him he disappeared! he found it quite strange. 
When he went home his parents were really worried. His father told him that his mouth was bleeding quite a lot and they ended up with a decision to meet a doctor as soon as possible. Jonathan hearing the word "doctor" got very scared and quickly ran into his room. He requested his father that this would never happen again. It was very late in the evening to actually find any clinic open. While Jonathan and his father were arguing about going to a doctor, there was a pamphlet which entered their house through the postal mail hole which said "NO PAIN NO WORRIES" his father saw that there was a new doctor in town and that Jonathan's mouth was bleeding and hurting so much that he had no option than to visit DR. HAPPY.
The address was written on the pamphlet, his father forcefully took Jonathan with him. It was a very dark place with hardly any lights, it was quite late in the evening, a windy night where you could only hear the voices of the crow and the dogs. Jonathan and his father headed inside it was crowded full of people, it seemed that DR. HAPPY was very famous. His father said that there is no need to be scared anymore. The nurse said that you may enter now. They entered.
Inside the room, DR HAPPY seemed to be very nice and friendly. He said that now there is no need to worry your son will soon be okay. As you can see that I don't allow people here so you can leave him here and take him after one hour his father said that he too had some work so he left and thought that Jonathan was too old enough to stay alone and the place inside the hospital also appeared quite safe. Jonathan was very scared and told Dr. happy to leave him alone.
Suddenly Jonathan observed some changes in the hospital something that he had never seen before. He observed that the noise outside the hospital slowly decreased for a moment when the Dr. had gone to the restroom he saw that there was no one outside only he and the Dr. no nurse nothing! he was tensed.

Soon the Dr entered and asked Jonathan to sit quietly so that he could start his operation. As soon as he saw the doctor he started screaming "HELP!" "HELP!". The Dr started laughing and said that he would switch on the T.v, just to make him feel better.

  The doctor locked the doors and Jonathan was shivering with fear. On the T.v he saw that there was a girl who had injured her foot while running as someone had pushed her. When she fell she yelled that who was the one to push her and she saw a boy who was had a wicked smile similar to the guy that Jonathan had seen when he fell and he soon disappeared. Her legs started bleeding quite a lot. That girl whom he was watching on television went through the same circumstances as John himself, later he saw that she ended up going to a doctor like him.

Later John saw these were the same things that had happened to him. He watched it carefully and saw that the doctor had chopped off her legs and killed her. After watching all this the doctor said that now I hope after watching some television you are feeling better. Jonathan ran as fast as he could and tried to open the door but it was shut. The doctor started laughing cunningly and said that I am Dr. Happy I can't see you tensed come and sit here let me cut your throat. Suddenly, Jonathan saw a boy standing behind him his eyes were fixed on him. All of a sudden the nurse also appeared, smiling wickedly at John. It was like the worst nightmare. Soon the girl also appeared who he saw on t .v. he screamed for help but no one was there.

Jonathan's father came, he saw that the hospital was not there at all. At first, he thought he visited a wrong place but then he inquired with a man who was selling some fresh fruits. He asked him about Dr. Happy and the hospital later it was known that there was no such hospital!!! in fact, there was a hospital earlier, it was famous to be known as a place called "NO PAIN NO WORRIES". when his father asked that what had happened to that hospital that it had to be shut close then the seller replied that there were various accidents in that hospital which had lost many lives of people
and Dr. Happy there had soon attempted suicide and killed all his staff due to mental illness. Since then the hospital has been permanently closed.
  He also said that there were cases where people visited the hospital at night and never returned. After listening to all of this his father had lost all his senses and thought that his child shall never return. 
Since then there are still cases appearing that people go 
to the hospital and never return for life.

Now you must be wondering who that seller was it was the one that Jonathan saw while he was injured.


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