The Untitled Series

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A anthology of poems with no written titles.

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018




I’m searching for the words

But silence fills me

Like air

But the air in my lungs

Begun to escape me

And I fear that in moments

There will be nothing left.



His mind empty

His mind blank

And his soul turned

Dark and Black



She fell in love with men

Who broke her heart

Who shut her down

Who deceived her


She was used and lied upon

And she cried it all night long

Too naïve, to believe those lies

Too lonely, to see what was true


She tried to pick herself up

To mend her broken pieces

And saw once again herself

In her broken shattered self


As years passed

She learned to accept

To forgive, to live

to see past the flaws


And to see that things can be beautiful for having been broken.



See through their lies

For that will be their demise

Be eager for the truth

And cut the evil from the root

Fight for justice

And for equality

Be wary of their malice

Or our efforts will be nothing but futility


*Untitled #5*


So cruel, harsh and blind

All I see is puddles of tears

And the thunders of crying


*Untitled #6*

he lost himself

in the sea of words and ink

to find a link

to him, and himself.


*Untitled #7*

am tired

and sleep deprived

but with every sip

my sleeplessness loses its grip.


*Untitled #8*

every time

I fall for you

I fell

six feet under


*Untitled #9*

he writes of love

he writes if togetherness

he writes if forever

that he cannot have


he writes of many things

he cannot have

yet he still writes them

he writes them still


*Untitled #10*

my cup, now empty

my mind, now blank

at 20, now burned out

of hopes and dreams

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