Life, However it may seem

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This is one of my writings I did a few years back, based on true event, and reflecting my own raw emotion.

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



I have learned that life does not seem as easy as it is like in movies. We don’t have a script, we don’t have scenes, and we don’t have a hero to help us. And life does not guarantee a happy ending for all of us.


My heart doesn’t feel right since the day that I’ve lost one special person. Ive never realized how much I love him and how much I will miss him when he’s gone. I thought that life will just be normal for me, like how I want it to be like. But yes, life is tough, that’s what I have learned.

Like as it’s been said, you will realize how much you love a person until they are gone. I know those feelings.


The world is where one day, you wake up and someone had left. The scary thing is that, you never know when.


Life fastens me on its seatbelt and let me stay in this world watching all things happening. I can’t stand to stop it from happening nor I can give a hand to help.


Sometimes I want time to flow backwards so that i could watch again all the happy moments that I’ve been through before. Sometimes, i want time to repeat so that i don’t have to go through new things. Sometimes, i want time to be fast so i don’t have to feel the pain in such a long period.  Sometimes I wish I can hold the time and have the remote to control it.


At night, I’m afraid to close my eyes because I’m too scared of what will happen tomorrow and on some nights, I let my feelings control me. I let what’s inside come out. I let my mind to be on its path; remembering the days that has been a blast to me.


When I found out the news, my heart crushed like how a balloon burst. If you can see it, you will see thousand pieces of glasses and you don’t know how to stick it back to one like solving a puzzle that has no solution.


I have no strength to live for the next days because I realized in one second I can lost one person I love very much and I think to myself, what if I have everything I want with me but nothing I needed. Who will help me to stand up when times get tough? Who will show me the road and is there any light for me to shine myself?


I always talk to you at night pretending like you’re in front me but im always wondering whether you can hear me from where you are now. I keep asking myself, can you hear my cries and can you see my tears? do you know how much we miss you? All those are questions without answers.




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