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Heartbeats sounding in a world filled with so much chaotic noise in the absence of quietness.

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018







The beautiful words of your poetry once set our ecstasy wheels in motion

Your words, my heart’s soothing love potion

 I’ve listened to your dreams, your aspirations, and your insecurities from the start

The crux of your soul pulled me in, as you bled to me the uncertainties of your heart

On faith, you took my hand, refusing to be alone

Wined and dined me, serenaded my mind with such sweet love songs

Dinner, movies, silk covered sheets

Enrapture to please, from our passionate meet

I was once your Queen bowing in pleasure to her King

The only woman who could make your body sing


In time, love has lost its luster, it’s time we accept the inevitable and sadly move on

The heartfelt sensations is no longer within this home

Echoes heard of two heart’s deafening tones

Yet, you attempt to fight the emptiness alone

You had my body and soul, now your mind wanders on its on

Your destiny, and the fate of our souls were once entwined

Arrows of love you may shoot for another, will fail the targets of its immediate designs

Know that I will always love you, this is so true

However, you can’t replace soft petals on a rose, after kissed by the morning dew


Mental rest and space is what we may need

To give you the breath of life my heart must allow you to leave

Now that you are free to come and go as you please

Reminisce of your touch, your scent still lingers, as your presence has now fleed

Are you happy my love, no sweet whispers to your ear

Empty promises of fulfillment from strangers, you must now adhere

That beautiful lock and those emotional chains

You held the master key to both, unlocking my inner rain

As you basked in the soft mist of my essence, repeatedly calling out my name

Sender and receiver of such enchanting desires remains the same of lovers glorious game


No other woman will ever make you feel quite the same

Or relieve those sentimental memories of me from off your brain

Go now my love, you are free of your own free will

Chains released from my weakening touches, as hearts now stand still

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