Possible Second Chances

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Wanted

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



“So Claudia, when was the renaissance and what was it about?” I shook my head. Why even ask her, she won’t know anyway she’s a popular, I thought. I droned out the rest of the class and began doodling in my notebook.  I’m a pretty good student, but World History is probably the worst class I’ve ever had.  Finally, the bell rang, allowing me to escape to my locker and meet up with my best friend Alex and her boyfriend, Tyler for lunch.  I headed to my locker and saw Alex already there. 
 “So how was American History?” I opened my locker and gave her my you-have-to-be-kidding-right-?- look which made her laugh. I grabbed my lunch and linked arms with Alex and headed down the hallway to our table for lunch. As we were walking, Alex’s boyfriend, Tyler showed up.  He gave Alex a kiss and threw his arms around us and said,
 “Well is it my lucky day or what?” he asked teasingly. “Getting to escort two beautiful girls to lunch.”  Alex and I laughed; you really couldn’t help but laugh with and at Tyler Duncan.  As we entered the cafeteria and sat down at our normal seats by the window, that’s when I saw him.  Chace Mathews.  He is so hot, I thought.  Alex followed my gaze and elbowed me in the ribs. 
 “Go talk to him Ollie.” she said.  I looked at her in astonishment.
  “It’s not that easy Alex. He doesn’t notice me okay?” I paused and looked over at him.
 “He probably dates one of the poplars’.”  Alex just shook her head at me like she knew something I didn’t, and continued to eat her salad. Tyler, finally getting who we were talking about jumped in the conversation. 
 “Hey Ollie, if you won’t talk to him I’ll get him to come over here and then you can talk to him when we are here.” And with that he got up and walked over to Chace.  I stared after him in pure terror.  I looked at Alex with horror written all over my face and hissed at her.
  “What is he doing?!” Alex just laughed and shook her head.  I shook my head and laid it on the table.
 “Why me? Why Alex?” I murmured.
 “Why what?” Alex asked laughingly.  I looked up and tried to give her my best glare.
  “Why did you have to say yes to Tyler when he asked you out?”  Alex laughed.  Honestly I didn’t really need an answer because I already knew the answer.While Alex was laughing, Tyler and Chace started towards our table.  I groaned and put my head in my hands. 
 “Is she okay?” I heard Chace ask.  Alex was still laughing.
 “She’s fine! Just having a break down because she doesn’t have a date to the formal.”  I looked up really fast, and glared at my best friend, she knew why I never went to any formal dances.  I saw Chace look at me out of the corner of my eye.
  “Well if you don’t have a date Olivia, I’ll take you.”  Chace gave me a smirk and winked at me.  I looked at him and I felt my mouth fall open.  Alex reached over and pushed my mouth shut. 
 “I. . . Umm. . . .Uhh. . . .I. . .” I stammered. 
 Oh no! I thought with horror, I do not want to go to another formal.  Alex, sadly, stepped in and answered for me. 
 “She would love to go with you Chace.”  He looked at me.
 “Really? That would be great.”  I sighed and to my great horror, blushed deep red. That’s the only bad thing about being a red head.  When I blush, my face kinda sorta, goes the same red as my hair.  And to make things worse, Chace could not stop looking at me. 
 “Olivia?” he asked.
  “Are you okay?” I nodded.  I looked up from my lunch and looked at him.
 “You can call me Ollie if ya want since Olivia is kinda a mouthful.” Chace smiled at me and nodded.
 “Okay, sure.” he looked at me and I blushed even harder. Then to mine and Alex’s surprise he sat down next to me.
  “So Ollie, are you sure your parents won’t mind if I come over on Friday?” I shook my head and laughed.
  “Of course not Alex.”  I assured her.
 “They’re gonna be out of town this weekend. They leave tomorrow, so I have the house to myself till next Wednesday, so you can stay till like then if you want to that is.”  Alex nodded and then turned back to Tyler and they started talking about their anniversary dinner tonight. I started picking at my salad, when Chace spoke.
 “Hey Ollie, what are you doing tonight?” I looked up in surprise.
 “Um, nothing really I was just gonna study for the chemistry test on Friday. Why do ask?” I answered.  Then to my surprise, again, he looked kinda shy.
  “Well I was thinking we could study together or something.”  He looked at me.
  “That is if you want to.” He looked so cute when he was asking me out.  I couldn’t say no even if I wanted to.
  “Yeah that’s fine. How about you come by tonight around 7. That okay?” He nodded shocked I guess from me answering so quickly.  A minute later the bell rang signaling that lunch was over and time to head to 7th period. 
 “Hey Ollie did you see Minnie in Spanish?”  Alex yelled over her shoulder as her and Tyler headed to chemistry.  I shook my head.
 “No I haven’t. I think she had a doctors appointment so she might be in chemistry, hey I’ll see ya in class I gotta grab my books.”  With that I took off to my locker.  When I got to my locker, Minnie was there waiting for me.
  “Hey Bubbles,” I said as I hugged her.
  “Where were you this morning?”  Minnie laughed.
  “I had a doctor’s appointment remember?”  I smiled at her.  Minnie, Alex and I have been friends for years.  Minnie’s dad and my dad were partners in the office they work at so Minnie and I grew up together. 
 “So Buttercup, catch me up on what I missed at lunch.”  Minnie asked as she hooked her arm through mine.  I laughed.
  “Well, Chace and I have a date tonight, and he asked me to the formal.”  Minnie stopped and looked at me in shock.
  “HE DID WHAT?!?!?! YOU HAVE A WHAT?!?!?” she practically screamed I laughed and pulled her arm.
  “Come on or we’re gonna be late for chemistry.” We made it to chemistry before the bell rang, and sat down next to Alex.
  “Hey Bubbles, where were you this morning?”  Alex asked after she hugged Minnie. 
 “Well I had a doctors appointment,” Minnie said.
  “But enough about that.  I hear Ollie has a date with Chace tonight and that they’re going to formal together.”  Sometimes I really wish I had other best friends.  I rolled my eyes and groaned. 
 “You guys are really annoying when it comes to my love life.”  Alex and Minnie laughed at me, but before they could start up again, Mr. Minor came in and started class.
 RIIINNGGG!!! Went the bell, signaling the end of 7th period. 
 “Finally one period left and we are home free!” Minnie said as we gathered our books and notebooks.  Alex laughed out loud.
  “Yea, we are, but Ollie has a study date tonight.”  I rolled my eyes and headed for the door.  Minnie, Alex and I headed out the door, when I saw Chace heading towards us. 
 “Hey Buttercup, I think Chace wants to walk you to health.” Minnie said teasing me. Alex and Minnie started making kissy faces. 
 “Oh shut up you two!” I said laughing.
  “And go find your boy toys!”  I headed to my locker as my friends headed to English.
 “Hey Ollie. How was chemistry?” Chace asked when he caught up with me. I shrugged as I smiled up at a hot 6 foot 2 basketball player.
  “Oh you know how chemistry is,” I answered.
  “Boring but sometimes fun when you can blow things up.”  Chace laughed at the answer.
  “Yup, sounds like it. Hey wanna walk to health?” As we stopped at my locker.  I nodded as I tried to find my health book and notebook.  I grabbed them, and to my horror fell right on my butt. 
 “Uff!!” I said as I landed on my butt.
  “Ollie! Are you okay?” Chace asked as he helped me up.
  “Uh yeah, yeah I’m fine. Thanks.”  Then at that exact moment Claudia and her look alike wanna-be’s decided to walk by my locker.
 “Wow Olivia, did you have a nice trip.” Her and her clones laughed.
  “Wow Claudia is that the best you can do?” I countered back.  “Hey Ollie come on lets get to Health class,”  Chace said as he helped me up and pulled me to class.
 “Ugh!” I said, “What is up with that chick?”  Chace shook his head.  We walked into health class, when Chace dropped another bomb shell on me.
 “Hey is it okay if I sit next to you?” I looked up really fast and stared at him.
  “Um yeah sure.” I answered as I stumbled up the stairs to the top of the bleachers, where I usually sit in health class.
  “Oh hey watch it, you okay, again?” Chace asked with a grin. I giggled and nodded. Wait a minute, I thought, did I just giggle?!  We sat down just as our health teacher, Ms. Ellen, gave us our assignments.  Chace and I opened our textbooks and notebooks and started the assignments.  The only good thing about Health class is that Ms. Ellen talks for about 10 to 15 minutes then lets us do our assignments and talk while we’re doing the work. 
 “So Ollie, you sure it’s okay if we study tonight?” Chace asked while I finished the questions that Ms. Ellen gave the class.
  “Um, yeah  sure.” I said totally distracted. I saw Chace look up from his work out of the corner of my eyes and looked at me.
  “Ollie? Are you even paying attention to what I said?”I looked up and blushed.
 “Sorry.” I murmured.  He chuckled and shook his head.
  “Are you done with the questions yet?” He asked.  I nodded.
  “Do you need them?” He shook his head, then I noticed that he was already done.  Wow, I thought with a sly smile, he’s smart as well as hot.  I closed my books and looked at him.
  “So what were you asking me?” I asked trying to make conversation.
  “Well,” he said slyly with a smile, “I asked if you  were okay with me coming over so we could study.” Except on study he used quotation marks around study.  I laughed,
 “So we aren’t going to study, but something else?” I asked teasingly.  He looked at me and smiled. 
 “I’m sure we’ll think of something to do instead of study.”  I laughed at his expression.
  “You are so weird.”  He gave me a wounded look.
  “Does that mean you don’t like me?” He asked with a sad puppy face.  I shook my head and laughed.
  “Of course I do! How could you think I don’t like you?” I said with mocked hurt.  We laughed, I mean it was really nice just talking and joking around.  We joked around for the rest of the class and when the bell rang, he walked me to my locker.
  “So I’ll see ya tonight?” he asked.  I nodded.
  “I’ll see ya later then.”  He nodded, then to my surprise he hugged me.
  “Later.”  He said as he walked away. 
 “Ohhhh! I like the look of that.” Minnie said.  I turned around and laughed.
  “Man you guys never leave me and my love life alone do you?” Alex and Minnie laughed and shook their heads. I grabbed my bag and linked arms with my two besties. 
 “So where’s Tyler?  Aren’t you guys like joined at the hip?” I asked Alex seeing that her boyfriend wasn’t walking with us. 
 “Oh he went to the pizza parlor with some friends we’re meeting later.” Alex said.  I shrugged, maybe it was better for the three of us to ride home together.  We walked to Minnie’s Porsche, and threw our bags in the trunk and got in.
  “So were are we going?” Minnie asked as she drove out of the school parking lot. 
 “How about the mall, we can hang out and get some pretzels.” Alex offered.
 “I agree.  Lets hang out at the mall, maybe we can even do a little shopping.” I said.  So we headed to the mall for some delayed shopping for the rest of the Thursday afternoon. 

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