Possible Second Chances

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Crank it Up

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



“I can’t believe you didn’t get those jeans.” Minnie said.
  “They were so cute on you and Chace would think you are so hot.” I shook my head and laughed.  Alex wasn’t paying attention, she looked like she was looking for someone.
  “Hey Chichi, who are you looking for?” I asked taking a sip of my raspberry smoothie.  Alex looked at me and Minnie then answered smoothly.
 “Well I kind of told Tyler we were here and he said he was coming.”  I looked at her, and she avoided looking at me. 
 “Well that isn’t bad Chichi, you’re hiding something.  Come on tell us.” I heard Minnie say.  It was a couple minutes before Alex replied. 
 “Tyler is coming with Chace because Tyler mentioned to Chace that you were here also and Tyler invited him along.” Alex looked at me.
 “Buttercup please don’t be mad. I’m sorry.”  I just stared at her in shock.  Chace was coming here, I thought.  I thought I had a few hours before our date, but I guess it was going to be a little early. 
 “W-why?” I asked still in shock.
  “Well, is James coming too?”  Alex nodded.
  “Um hun, you might want to click out of it very, very, soon cause here comes the guys.” Minnie said.I looked and sure enough, there was Tyler, James . . . .and Chace.  I looked back at Minnie.
  “Aren’t you mad at Alex?”  Minnie shook her head.
  “Of course not I figured James was going to come, he’s my boyfriend, so of course I figured he’d come no biggie for me.” The guys came up to our table, James kissed Minnie and Tyler kissed Alex.  I blushed, it was really embarrassing watching other people kiss.  Chace looked at me and smiled. 
 “So what’s up?” He asked.  I shrugged.
  “Nothing, I thought we had a date in a couple of hours?” He smiled and shrugged.  I laughed and shook my head.  Alex looked at me.
  “So does this mean you’re not mad at me?” she asked .  I got up and hugged her and whispered in her ear.
  “No. But I thank you.” She hugged me back and smiled.  A couple hours later Chace got up.
  “Where you going?” Minnie asked. 
 “Its 6 o’clock and Ollie and I have a date.” He answered as he grabbed my  hoodie for me.  Alex looked up at me.
  “You can’t take my sis.” We all laughed.
  “Well he has a point,” I said putting my hoodie on.
  “Hey Minnie, can you drop my bag off at my house when you and James go by my house?” She nodded.
 “How are you getting home?” Before I could answer, Chace answered for me.
  “I brought my car, so I’ll take her home.” The girls nodded, I figured that meant that Minnie had to drive James and Tyler and Alex home.
  “I brought my own car, if that’s what you’re wondering Ollie.” Tyler said as if he could read my mind.
 “Oh ok, well I will see you girls tomorrow morning.” I said as I hugged my two best friends.  With four “byes” and “later” Chace and I walked out to his car.
  “So you ready for our date?” Chace asked as he opened the car door for me.  I nodded still a little nervous to be alone with him.  As we drove to my house neither of us could think of anything to say.  I finally broke the silence. 
 “So what are we going to do now that we don’t have to study?” Chace looked at me  and shrugged,.
 “Idk, what do you wanna do?” I thought for a minute before answering.
 “We could watch a movie in the den if ya want.”  He smiled and agreed.
  “As long as its a scary movie.” He teased.  I giggled and nodded.  Well this isn’t so bad, I thought with a smile.  A minute later we pulled into my drive away, I noticed that my parents cars were still in the driveway.
  “Hey isn’t that your parents car?” Chace asked as he parked his car on the other side of my mom’s car.  I nodded.  What are they doing home, I thought they’re supposed to be at a dinner party.  We got out of the car and Chace grabbed my bag for me.  I smiled at him in thanks.  We headed to the door and I unlocked the side door. 
 “MOM! DAD! I’m home.” I yelled. 
 “In here Sweetie.” My mom yelled back.  I looked at Chace and made a face.  I walked into the living room with Chace. 
 “Hi sweetie!” My mom said as she hugged me.
  “How was school?” I shook my head and hide a smile
 “Fine mom as always.”  I said.
  “I thought you and dad were going to that dinner party tonight?” My mom nodded, then noticed Chace and smiled at him. 
 “Well excuse me for my lack of manners, I’m Olivia’s mom, Katie, you are?” Chace shook hands with my mom.
 “I’m Chace Matthews, a friend of Olivia’s.” My mom smiled again only bigger this time.  It had been awhile since I had brought a boy home, so I figured she might brake out in song.  To save Chace I distracted my mom. 
 “So where’s Dad?” That did it. 
 “Oh he’s in the den talking to some new investor or whatever.” Mom said.
  “K, just asking.” I said as I grabbed my bag and started out the door.
  “Can you tell me when he’s done so I can get the movies? We’re going to watch a movie.” My mom nodded and started fixing her dress again.
  “You look really beautiful mom.” I said.  She smiled at me and hugged me.
  “I know.” She said smiling.  I turned and led Chace up the stairs to my room. 
 “Holy crap this is a large room.” Chace said looking around.  I laughed.
  “Yea so? Do you have a problem with that?” He shook his head and set his book bag by the door and sat down on one of my den chairs.  I set my bag by my desk and then flopped on my bed.  I felt the bed droop and I rolled.  And found myself sprawled across Chace’s chest. 
 “Well hello there beautiful.” Chace said with a crooked smile.  I smiled back at him. 
 “So,” I said as casually as I could with my heart beating like a big bass drum.
  “What do you plan to do with me now that you have me?” He smiled a coy smile and rolled over so that I was on the bottom. 
 “OLIVIA!!” I heard my dad yell.
 “Coming!” I yelled back, pushing Chace up off me.  I ran down the steps and into the kitchen.
  “What’s up daddy-o?” I asked my dad.  I jumped on the counter and grabbed some grapes from the fruit bowl.
 “Your mom tells me you brought a friend home.” He asked as my mom fixed his tie, he always did have trouble with his ties. 
 “Yea your point being?” I asked popping some grapes into my mouth.  He gave me a look and pointed to the stairs.  That usually means he wants to meet my ‘friend’.  I went to the foot of the stairs and yelled for Chace to come down. 
 “Yea what’s up?” He asked when he came down. 
 “My dad wants to meet you real quick.” I said grabbing his hand and leading him into the kitchen. 
 “Dad this is Chace Matthews my friend from Health. Chace this is my dad,” I said grabbing some grapes and handed half to Chace.  My dad reached out and shook hands with Chace. 
 “Nice to meet you Chace.”  My dad said.  Chace nodded.
  “Same here, Sir.”  Mom and I shared a smile. 
 “Dear, come on we’re going to be late for the party.”  My mom said as she pulled my dad’s arm towards the door. 
 “Bye mom, dad have fun.” I said walking to the door.  As my mom got into the car she turned and yelled back over her shoulder.
  “We’ll be home around 2 or 3 in the morning.” I nodded.
 “Don’t stay up to late Honey. Bye, love you sweetie.”  I closed the door when they pulled out of the driveway. 
 “Finally, they left.” I said leaning against the front door.  Chace looked at me and smiled.  I left the door and headed back up to my room with Chace right behind me.  I fell back onto my bed and the felt Chace do the same.  We were silent for awhile then Chace leaned over me.
 “So what do we do now?” He asked.  I thought for a minute then shrugged. That earned a laugh from Chace.  I smiled, I couldn’t help it he was so cute and funny.
  “How about we go riding?” I suggested.  Chace gave me a look and asked.
  “You want me to ride a horse?” I laughed and shook my head. 
 “I meant 4-wheeling, silly.”  I poked him in the ribs and he started tickling me.  I laughed and screamed.
  “Okay Stop!” I screamed out breathless from laughing so hard. 
 “Oh I don’t think so.”  He said with a grin.  He grabbed my arms and held them above my head and grinned down at me and I smiled back at him. 
 “So am I your prisoner?”  I asked him with a smile.  He grinned and looked down at me for a minute then let me get up. 
 “So now what?” I asked after I caught my breath.  Chace looked at me and shrugged. 
 “Its up to you, honestly I don’t care.” I smiled at him.  I thought for a minute,
 “How about some 4-wheeling?” I suggested.  Chace’s eyes got real big and he smiled.  I laughed and shook my head.
  “Well go wait outside my door.  I got to change my clothes.” I said pushing him to the door.
  “I’ll be right out so don’t worry.”  I closed my door and headed for my closet. I looked in my closet and grabbed my distressed jeans with all the holes (the only jeans I wear when I go 4-wheeling), My black tank top, and my monkey hoodie.  I put my clothes on and grabbed my knee high socks and grabbed my baby blue Justins to ride in.  I opened the door and stepped out.  Chace looked up and stared.  After a couple seconds, he stammered out.
  “You look hot!!” I smirked.
 “Well lets not stand around lets get riding.” I said grabbing Chace’s hand and running down the stairs and out to the shed, where my dad kept the 4-wheelers.  I unlocked the shed door and opened the garage door to the shed.  Chace and I  moved the 4-wheelers out of the shed and started them up.

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