Bleeding of the heart

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Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



Bleeding of the heart 


There right there 

They Bleed till you can never feel again

Full blown fucking around that causes too much of a heartache


Numbing the pain is all that I know how to do 

Pain is all that I felt 

Is that how I am supposed to feel 

Be strong 

Stay strong 

Is all I hear 

The voices in my head always tell me that I am worthless 

That I am going nowhere fast 

What will happen in 50 years from now 

Will I be with someone that I've dreamed of 

Will I find someone that will know how to deal with it 

Will I  know how to stop this bleeding heart from bleeding out too much 

Strong and Smart 

Things that I will never be able to accomplish 

Wishing to want things that I will never be able to do 


Crying is all I wanna do 

I wanna be able to just cry in front of someone 

Instead of locking myself in a room and crying 

The blood that comes running down my tighs 

Comes from all the pain and suffering 

Flashbacks go to where I am not wanting to be 

Talk is me being silent 

The blood that comes from my arms is coming from my heart 

The pain that I feel is coming from years of keeping things in 

Getting away from the pain 

Getting away from the bad 

Telling myself its okay 

Telling myself that I am fine 

That I don't wanna cry in front of people 

I don't want people thinking that I am weak 

I don't want anybody else to know that I am not as strong as I may seem

Then I go back to crying again 

As I slowly fade into my mind and black it out 

Not knowing what may trigger something 

I lay in my bed 

Crying myself to sleep and leaving the pain to linger again







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