I Still Remember Him

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Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



Straw man, straw man
I still remember him.
He was taken away in a whirlwind 
In Kansas, in Kansas
I wonder if it's cold or warm where he is
Twenty to life
In the "dead of Kansas"
The year was 1955.

They figured

No wife or kids to mourn his disappearance
I still imagine his arms open wide
But now he holds bars with tears in his eyes
And it's a strange sort of image 'cause
I've never 
seen a scarecrow cry
And I'd hate to see one die.
He endures the seasons of life
Until he can no longer stand
Or the wind blows all his pieces away.

Now even the crows he called his friends
Are nowhere to be seen
It was an unfortunate situation 
For him to fade away like that.
Some say he deserved it,
But I don't know, it was just so ...
I hate to watch scarecrow die
It takes a heck of a long time
Unless it is a sudden
Destructive event 
Like a strike of lightning.
That's not so bad,
But no;
This one slowly withered away;
Decayed until he literally could
No longer stand on his feet.
This strawman just happened
To fall and die on his knees.
I helped them bury him;
My father that is.
Maybe the whole world's forgotten

I still remember him.

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