The Memory of Gracie and Me

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Contently Deranged Travelers

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



A poem I wrote for a writing prompt on Reddit a few months ago:


I see her

And we connect

But not for long.

I always seem to mess it up

And it goes horribly wrong.

She loved me

She loves me

And she'll love me forever.

I will not let her go.

My whole life is about her.

Whenever it's not working out

I shape

I shift

Into a different person.

Sounds like fiction

But it's been going on since the beginning of time.

There are others like me


You see,

She loved Michael;

(That's me).

And Jude: That's me too.

She loved


And Otis

I was them and also

Jonas. She loved them all because

They were all me

In one shape or another

Though she didn't know this.

I think I'm sick;

I'm too obsessed

But I can't help it.


I'm Lucas

I'm blond- About 6 foot tall.

I followed her to the theater

And I just sit there and watch.

Eventually, I work up the nerve to move closer

I throw her a line as she exits the building

And we start talking

There's an instant connection

She just adores me, I know it.

And so the cycle starts again.

This time I really crossed the line

I was too clingy she said--

That she didn't have enough alone time.

Maybe it's true, but...

It's just because I love her so.

I just...

Didn't want her to be alone.

Instead of leaving, I grabbed her soft hands and placed them in mine.

"I just can't bear it. Not again. Not this time."

She looks at me with her green eyes wide.

"Grace, it's time I tell you."

She was very confused but I hurried along.

"I'm not who you think I am-

Well, I am but not in the way you think I am, I mean I- How do I explain it?

You've known me forever,

Don't you understand?

Don't you remember

Michael in 10th grade?

Or Kurt from the bank?"

"Of course,"

She said,

She remembered them all.

And with each name I listed

She became more appalled.

"I was Michael, and Jonas and Otis! Me. Them. Us.. All.

The same person, Grace, Don't you see?"

At this point she looked at me like I was crazy.

'Grace, honey, listen to me!"

I slowly began to move closer

And suddenly she began to run.

She flew out the door and down the apartment steps.

"Grace, let me explain, I have to tell you the rest!"

She started to disappear in the rain.

I screamed after her but she was too fast for me.

I chased her all the way to the cliff.

It happened to be the same one

Her and I, as Otis, had that picnic.

I told her the story, hoping she'd take it as proof

But she just appeared more confused

And afraid.

What could I say?

Growing frantic, I drew closer.

Shifting into Otis, I grabbed hold.

She screamed and shook with fright.

We struggled.

I tried to hold her still but she pushed and pulled and wriggled out of my arms.

Once free,

She stepped back, losing her balance

I tried to grab her arm

But she stumbled off the edge.

I looked down and watched Grace, my precious...

Fall to her death.

She bobbed up and down.

I screamed but, no use.

The waves swallowed her

And not being able to bare it,

I jumped in after

Wanting to..

Somehow Miraculously save her.

My eyes were blurry and the waves strong.

My arms struggled to fight to stay above.

This man in a boat grabbed me and tried to get me to come aboard.

My body gave out, I went limp on the boat floor.

But in my mind

I was chasing Grace,

I kept chasing and chasing her.

Even months later...

And then a year in this cursed mental ward,

I had nightmares of her screaming

But I like to daydream she is with me

And for once

We're content;

And for a surreal moment

I am happy.

I hear her giggle,

I close my eyes

And I drift.

I don't know if it was shock or what

But ever since the accident

I lost the ability to shift.

Or maybe I just lost my will to do it.

Just not trying hard enough.

Doesn't matter without Grace, anyways...

Then again, I could always shift during break and walk right out the ward.

But no, I just couldn't bear the dating life again.

No...I couldn't bear it!

It's a wicked game!

How could I even think of going on without her?


I'm screaming in my head and on this piece of paper,

Perhaps, aloud as well

Maybe they'll come shut me up and save me from myself.

Just when things were finally working

I had to ruin it again

For good.

Oh, Grace, why'd you have to run?

Really, it wasn't me...

You're the one!

It's your fault for being so beautiful


For Leading me on.

For loving me and throwing me out whenever it was convenient,

I'm not looney

And if I am

You're the one who drove me to

This lunacy!

What have you done!?

Look what you've done to me!


Oh, Gracie.

I take it back,

I'm sorry.

It's times like these I understand why you ran from me.



The prompt: "a woman has been dating guy after guy, but it never seems to work out. She’s unaware that she’s actually been dating the same guy over and over; a shapeshifter who’s fallen for her, and is certain he’s going to get it right this time. Horror story or romantic comedy?"( )


Feel free to write your own piece based off the prompt in the comments of this poem or on your own portfolio. That would be fun

© Copyright 2020 unmasked delusions. All rights reserved.

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