Feeling Alien

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Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



Leave me here to die.
Leave me on my own
Without a friend to call on.

Leave me in the dust if you must
I've been here before.
It's not so bad after the first few times-
I think I can take the fourth.

Wait for the dust to settle, but it takes an awful long time
It's funny but I don't seem to mind.
I lie myself down and wait for rain

Or for a face to recognize.
I see a shadowy figure
Slowly start to emerge
He says he's here to take me back to earth
But really I don't want to leave
Being alone has really grown on me.

Who is this man with a hand on my back
Leading me away?
He says he's a friend
But I don't recognize this man!

I don't understand.

He tells me a story to try and jog my memory
I ask him why I don't remember?
He says it must be the Alzheimer's.
"The Alzheimer's?" What is it?
Some sort of phenomenon?
Some sort of conspiracy against me?

Leave me alone
Just leave me here to die

I don't know you all:
I really don't!

Every day that goes
Is so strange and confusing

I don't have any solid memories
I don't even have a solid reality.

I’m so alone.
How can I go on in world like this?

In a world I can no longer call my own.

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