A Prayer

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Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



A prayer prayed in the night. June 15, 18

Flesh and bone merged together...
The hairs on my head
You know them by number.
I lie here.
I slumber.
I wonder how a God so perfect
Can love this sinner.
Flawed but beautiful
In your eyes;
You give us the choice to choose-
You don't force
But you work in mysterious ways
To lead people the right way.

How the sun rises and sets uniquely every day.
You are in control Lord
And your mysterious works and miracles
Are beyond comprehension
Or limitations

That's why, to me, nature is like having a piece of heaven on Earth; it's endless. Every rose different. Every tree unique.

Lord we praise you
Not as forced or programmed slaves
But in honest love
And in appreciation and amazement of who you are

How ironic it seems;
A king who is perfect
Yet humble
Who became one of us
To prove his love to his people.
To save us from evil.
A king who performs miracles
But does not brag.
A king who lived as a servant, a common person
And dined with people seen as less than.
A king who is a father to all.
A brother.
A healer.
A teacher.

Only the blind would think:
Why serve a king who
Is dirty and poor
And shows mercy to a whore?

We all have sinned before
Are they any better than the harlot?
With their pride and self-entitlement?
They hate another for their sin
Completely overlooking their own.

Lord the list goes on.
We praise you because you created us
And the universe.

You didn't have to.
When we ate of the fruit
You could have destroyed us
Yet you let us go on
With your compassion.
With your love for creation,
You give us a way out of bondage to sin.
You made us like candles to light the way
To lead a lost world back to your ways
Teach them your mercy...

So this I pray to
A king who knows us all by name and face
A king deserving to be praised

My king wasn't merely born into royalty;
He isn't showy.

Love is what it is;
A love that surpasses all understanding.

Thank you Lord for loving me,

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