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We live in a society where it’s “use on use” atmosphere. I depectied abuse through a tree, as trees are being used for constant resources. It’s easy to show great kindness and love to those we care
about, but it can bring great pain when that love isn’t being returned; only used as a benefit to the other party.

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018





By: Melodie Rose Jordan

I am a Tree

Standing still on top of Hills

As They produce fresh soil for My veins; pumping life into Me

My branches sprout high into the bright, blue skies

I produce food for the living creatures; shelter for the blistering weathers.

I create an awe for passing travelers as my leaves burst into a pulchritude of color.


I am a Tree

I do not move unless the Winds cause me to dance to their melodious manner. 

Or when I begin to decay, the Rain refresh me like a passionate lover’s kiss. 

I was once a tree Tree

My life has been traded for resources used by the Man.

My home is being chopped off; killed down by the Axe of Death.

My once handsome bark is being used to strike the innocent.

No longer am I considered a sanctuary to the helpless.

I am a stump; longing for the life that has been taken from me.

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