Stalked- Part 1

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Nothing is scarier than the feeling someone is following you home at 2 AM. That is, nothing is scarier than a clown following you at 2AM.

Submitted: July 11, 2018

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It followed her home, there was no doubt of that.  She'd made a sharp turn on Meridian Street and so did the clown.  No one would ever believe her.  Why would they?  Why would a circus clown follow her home at 2 AM?  Why?

Katie Weber had just finished an eventful shift at her workplace in Sylvano's Costume Shop on Wayne Street.  Halloween had just passed but a day ago and her boss was already trying to get rid of the excessive inventory of costumes, wigs and masks and anything else associated with the Halloween season.  She had rung up countless customers all buying leftover capes, masks and fake fangs and blood. Later she had to endure customers' ramblings on what they were looking for and she also had to listen to one complain to her that Sylvano's didn't sell his favorite superhero costume.

As this costumer babbled on, Katie's gaze drifted from the man to a rack of Dracula capes on a back wall of the store.  The lighting there was pretty dim and a bulb there kept flickering on and off as if the bulb was loose or was about to die off. Her eyes couldn't believe what they saw, for standing right there in between the cape racks was a clown.

"Hey lady! Are you listening to me?"-the annoying customer interrupted her.

Katie's eyes moved back to look at the complaining man, who rambled on and on. Later after the man finally left she remembered the clown she'd seen by the cape racks and looked over at that same spot but saw it empty.

She walked around the store looking at the clown costumes they sold, but none matched the outfit worn by the clown she'd seen.  She shrugged and decided she had probably just imagined the clown, as she had a bad headache since she started her shift.

Later her coworker Morgan helped her sweep up after they closed Sylvano's.  Katie found herself carrying several boxes of unsold pumpkins and fake tarantulas towards the back storeroom.  As she neared the back she thought she heard a giggle, or like someone trying to stifle a laugh with their hands. Katie's head turned and felt her heart jump when her eyes landed on a pale face over by the mask wall next to the storeroom.

"Morgan!"-she shouted dropping the boxes she was carrying.

The pale face by the masks suddenly became briefly illuminated by a blinking overhead bulb that revealed clownish features on a pale eerie face that smiled at Katie.  She shouted again for her coworker as the clown put a gloved finger to it's red mouth and made an exaggerated "shush" motion to her. Katie heard Morgan running towards her and she turned to face him, eyes wide with fear.

"What? What happened?"-he asked out of breath.

TO BE CONTINUED IN PART 2 of Stalked......

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