Feeling Unloved

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In the small town of Moorhead, Minnesota, a guy named Abraham who was in love with Brandon until something happened that changed his feelings towards him.

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



Chapter 1

It was a foggy, and cold morning in the month of January, Abraham woke up earlier to get ready to go to the school, he was so excited to go that day because he knew that it was Thursday, which meant that he would get to see Brandon, his crush, during the LGBTQ+ club, well if he decided to go of course. Well, it was time for him to start walking towards the bus stop, he left the house with such a big smile, hoping not to miss the bus once again like he did the other days. When he got to the school, he went to breakfast hoping to see him there at least until the reunion. Every period went fast until he got the time to go to the club and maybe see him. Unfortunately, he didn’t go that day, he was a little bit sad ‘caused of that, but he knew he’ll have the chance to see him on the way home from school. Well, it was finally time to go home, when Abraham saw his crush getting on the bus, he thought to himself “should I tell him?” (staring at him and thinking about it) but, decides not to do it there because he wanted to do it privately. So, he started texting him, just for a few days, trying to get to know him a little more before telling him what his feelings for him are. Abraham asked one of Brandon’s closest friends things about him like what kind of food he likes, TV programs, etc. Abraham was a little bit excited because he and Brandon have some things in common; but there was a thing Abraham realized, Brandon has a girlfriend, which make Abraham jealous and confused because he always thought Brandon was gay. Soon after that Abraham stopped talking to Brandon because he thought it would’ve been a waste of time trying to be with him after all. The days passed and passed until Brandon and his girlfriend broke up, Abraham said to himself “Should I start talking to him again?” he was optimistic about the idea of talking to Brandon again even though he knew he was straight, he thought Brandon could give him an opportunity. He waited a couple days after Brandon broke up with his ex; Abraham started talking to him again, asking why did they break up? Which Brandon said “I didn’t feel anything for her anymore” after that, Abraham asked him why he was attending the LGBTQ+ club? Because after all, he was straight, which Brandon said “I’m pansexual, that’s why” Abraham was confused about what pansexual was, which he looked it up, and found what it was.

(Please stay tuned for chapter 2)

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