I miss it All

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Have you ever been so sad you cannot live anymore? Suicide is a thought, and your whole life flashes before your very eyes. How do we come to that conclusion? What if someone was revived after
death, and that is the means in which we know? Who knows...

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018



Don't you love the morning bird's songs? The Beautiful sounds of life and flight?

Don't you love laughter? No matter how much pain you are in, somehow, you find a way to laugh.

What about food? Is it not delicious? We all thrive on it.

A few friends, some crazy, others psychotic, and rarely sane. Not really troublemakers, unless tempted into it. 

Families are not normal, no one's is. 

Don't you like the sight of happiness? Everyone laughing, running everywhere with pure joy. 

Don't you like the sight of it? Laughter, birds chirping, a brand new soda bottle being opened... A single gunshot that no one noticed?

Don't you like the feeling of happiness? The jittery feeling of the adrenalin rush, or the warm feeling of being around friends?

They do...

We do...

I did...

I remember a time of sadness. A time of pain. The struggles of daily life. It was all pathetic. I remember a time when life was full of misery, full of anger, full of loss.

Yet, every life was unique. So full of purpose. 

I remember the times I smiled. The times I mad people laugh. The times I made them smile.

I truly miss it all.

I saw life's injustice. But within that injustice, I saw the hearts made of diamond, full of hope.

I truly loved life, with all its ups and downs. I miss the friends I made. Those who cheered me up when I was down. I miss my family whom I am far away from and no longer by their side.

I miss the warming hugs of my little brother. So full of life and love.

I hope that the young grow up to be strong-minded and brave. Never afraid to show their true colors. Never afraid to put people in their place.

I guess that is the reason I loved life when I was alive. 

I know now...

I miss it all.


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