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This mundane world is full of misery, suffering and problems .But sometimes a thing of Nature provide us some mental relief. Here the poet is attracted by the sweet tone of a nocturnal bird. The
poet forgets his earthly sufferings and seems that this is not an ordinary bird rather it is a heavenly creature . He finds the voice so sweet that he instantly in a stage total oblivion and wish
to die listening it's voice so that he gets relief from the agony and melancholy of this mortal world. a

Submitted: July 10, 2018

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Submitted: July 10, 2018






O, Nocturnal bird, take me to your own world;

My world is nothing but a sea of Misery;

Your sweet note of melody makes me insane;

As one lost his sense consuming a strong alcohol of old days;

Take me O bird, Take me away !


You don't know the rules of my land;

This is a Fair of jealousy,Sorrows, uncured diseases and sufferings;

Infantry, Adult, Old-age and finally demise;

peace and happiness hardly have Time to visit my world;

Take me O bird, Take me away!


If my breath ceases listening your mellow strains;

I'll be vanished into the solution like the tiny bits sugar;

I'll be delighted if my soul departs from here in this gentle grace of Moonlit;

My heart will be stopped and my ambitions at its end;

Take me O bird, Take me away!


We think about the Past and The Future and want what is not;

In our deepest smile, where there hides a little pain;

Your unearthly voice takes me to the strands of Oblivion;

As one drinks the water of Lethe just after death;

Take me O bird, Take me away!


You're a creation of immortality, you stay ever forever;

I'll die one day but The Morning does never;

You don't leave me here alone saying just good bye:

I'm so alone so want you sing me to die;

We'll never meet again here in this heavenly ray;

Take me O bird, Take me away!

Abir Roy ( 11-07-2018 )

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