Infamy is Hers

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(Rated for 18+)

Sometimes living in the spotlight isn't what it seems to be. Gracelyn O'Conner knows that for certain. Forced into stardom at the age of six by her strict talent scout mother Ersha O'Conner, she
has lived by the gaze and judgment of everyone. Almost all adoring her, except her mother who finds faults in everything she does. Falling into a wild and passionate affair with another older star,
she is dropped with nothing but a affectionate, "Break a leg."

Deciding she needed space, she took a stepped down from the stage and moved in with her younger cousins and aunt in Arlin, South Carolina. Wanting to live a semi normal life, she enrolls in high
school. Hoping no one would recognize her from her hiatus TV soap opera, she finds much more than what she was looking for; in the form of Alexia Santonio.

Abandoned at the age fourteen by her mother, her single father works long hours to pay for the house and the food, leaving Alexia alone much of the time. Jade and Alexia had been best friends since
they were four years old, and up until three months ago, when Alexia reveled that her feelings for Jade ran deeper than friendship.

Betraying Alexia; Jade became determined to make the school a living warzone for hatred and bigotry, slandering Alexia's name with lies and falsehoods. Now closed off, Alexia doesn't know how or
what to feel towards her best friends older cousin coming into town. Should she trust her? Who is she really?

If Alexia steps closer to the center stage, will she drown in her own infamy?

Or will Grace help her swim?

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Crossing Paths

Submitted: July 11, 2018

    Alexia gathered her books quickly, in hopes she could make it down the hall and out the back door before the inev... Read Chapter