Breast Rise

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I wrote this piece thinking about a flaw some women might share and decided to empower myself and others by embracing it and love it regardless if anyone else would. I feel that this can be read
the wrong way as a bashing against men and in no shape of form is that what this is. I just want this piece to build convidence in the person reading it. Love yourself and live for you.

Submitted: July 11, 2018

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Submitted: July 11, 2018



Breast rise 


I wonder if you like how my breast rise 

How they curve and hang low sometimes 

I wonder if you think I like the way you go down 

They way u down there with that tongue moving only up and down


I wonder if the smell of my neck’s intoxicating perfume entices ur crave 

To bite and suck and kiss all over me 

I wonder if your briefcase knows you never put it down cus you never come home and always around town 

I wonder if u really think I would lie when I tell u I love you when these tears of hurt in my eyes 

I wonder if when I walk do u see the boom and bounce in my butt 

You never really compliment me on much 

Doesn't really matter wat I wonder 

Because I see it 

And Guess what


My breast do rise don't matter if they hang down nipples hard sometimes 


And I do love you sadly even when a lie comes around even if u never bring that briefcase home and stay in town


My butt do say boom and bounce ask any other nigga on this got damn block 


My breast still do rise  especially wondering if you coming home for me late night time


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