Current State of Affairs

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This poem is picking fun at myself for how dramatically I reacted to previous break ups. It also shows how I have changed my attitude towards being broken up with.

Submitted: July 11, 2018

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Submitted: July 11, 2018



To sit and wait in great suspense,

When all feels lost and you're at wits end,

The heavy feeling, so intense

With heartbreak frequent as a trend.

Save me from this melodrama

The tears, the pain, the feeling hollow,

Beckoned by this lost love "trauma"

With isolation sure to follow.

"Never will I love again",

"I'm alone now, in the end",

But I clearly see how well I've been

Found Summer's love within a friend.

And if my heart, once more shall break

If we must go our seperate ways,

And if my broken heart shall ache

Despite our friendship come those days.

I'll remember fondly, my beloved friend

Cause after all, the world won't end.

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