Out of Sync

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There is no greater love felt than the sync of minds


There is no greater love felt, than the sync of minds

Passion laid out, explored on a carpet ride

Prevailing by fate captured by time  


Erratic heartbeats dancing out of Sync

Mind to mind such beautiful carnal links

Soft are your words that makes my beating heart sing

Divinity of soaring souls illuminated, as Saturn’s revolving ring

Everything whispered not as it seems

Finding the touch of tender caresses found only in majestic dreams

Stars when aligned twinkles, oh so bright

Space of the galaxy, we own the night

Shooting and falling into lover’s plight

A kiss to the wind then sadly eclipsed of sight

Private dance found of no other

Minds and Souls, Angel wings, weakened under silk covers

Taste of earthly rewards, as a full moon hovers

Not of this time celestial lovers

Steadfast tears as passion unrighteously dismissed

Slow to the mind, look beyond the kiss

As heartbeats from the gaze in your eyes, fails to reminisce

Make upon a sweet wish

Daunting queries, provided no whys

Dreams smile on sleepers, reality tells crooked lies

Given unto the wondrous of peace

Shh… a blanket of comfort to rest inside a soft fleece

Manifestations to awaken tinkled and pleased

Straight talking all the way down to my knees

Boxed in better than any strip tease

No mentality of its greater lease

To provide the comforts to the heart in a world of make believe

Erratic heartbeats of misunderstanding, clouds of mistrust

Standing at the shore demanding, Songs of my principles is heard, practiced is a must

Love and honor is the most part

To feel, the true essence of another’s soul is an once in a lifetime work of art

Flowers today withered of tomorrow

Standing in a vase of today’s begotton sorrows

Believing and weaving has gotten this so wrong

Has fallen under the demise of subtle undertones

The lyrics to believe danced of another’s romantic songs

Absence of malice greets your kingdom, as we come

Hearts aflame, scorching kisses from dusk to dawn

No second remorse to revive stolen moments, despondent and withdrawn

A kiss from the wind and then you’re gone




Submitted: July 11, 2018

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