There Once was a Man

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Submitted: July 11, 2018

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Submitted: July 11, 2018




There Once was a Man ...


who had the hair of a dark forest,

the eyes of the Hudson River . 

He did not ever have the light of day because as he put it he could never conceive the light of day. 

A lover of beauty  that he was as far as a roaming spirit who only passes through. 

In the shelf of His room held books of idle knowledge that  people don’t speak of or has long forgotten. 

He walked as though their was always an umbrella over him. 

You could see that common talk around him was as if....heavy rain,  so that he was.

In the town we only need to speak of HIM with grimly tone and then we would know. But only did they speak simply, shortly over the mystery that no mortal could diagnose. 

Their have been minds like him before him but never as HIM, 

(Thus He became my obsession) 

Minds and yes as well as hearts too that have sprouted remedies,cures, and inventions. 

 Only His clothing was black in a town where their is only color. 

I was later lightened to clarity by a less known Handmaiden . 

A smile erupted from the crypt of his mouth  by childlike lowliness. 

It was as though cares shrank and scattered like roaches against a candle. This Innocence was the courage of Her might. 

Yet just by   each other connected the dots of a familiar understanding. As they sat, He spoke with a heavy heart, She in return offered Him tea in which accepting the tea having a few sips the air was open for her to speak. she spoke;  ..........Silently I listened but to no avail. 

Could I be so curious as to fall off a branch by her modesty. 

Could i be then noticed and dismembered by their chastity. 

Why after the genealogy of questions Truth is present at the center of their Bond. 

From there milky ways , solar systems, the Whole Earth in orbit was not as important, as I drew closer I no longer felt so small. Their Bond had given the air warmth, but I remain standing where I was to remain abstract from the Peace.  No sooner did their time together draw to a close did He give her a feather  with the handmaiden in return gave a lily. 

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