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Submitted: July 11, 2018

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Submitted: July 11, 2018



This love won't cure me, don't expect it to do what drugs never could. It will not drain the trauma out of my bloodstream, but your hand in mine is a steady reminder, it's something to hope for. So when the demons come around again to play in my backyard your warm eyes will be my weapon. I will show them you, and I will tell them that I do not belong to them anymore. When my body shakes, and I become to scared to be in this world, when every man that walks by reminds me of a head on collision, and every person I pass feels like someone I have to push past to get to the escape route, I will imagine you waiting by the exit sign. Even though I cannot promise you that I will always manage to smile I can promise to always call you my home, and I will fight to keep all the monsters away from it. There have always been ghosts that live in my walls, they tell me I'm not good enough for you, and even though they are probably right I will tell them they have to leave this house- no. This home. Is going under construction and I plan to break down all the walls they live in, I will not allow them to whisper to me anymore, not when they try to drown out the lovely melody that is you. I will personally remove all the skeletons dancing in my closet if you promise you will be there to hold my hand through the horrors they hold in theres. And though I know I have lost my way, I think you could help me find my sense of direction, maybe I can make my way back onto the path that leads me out of this place. maybe. So no, this love won't cure me, there will be days where the monsters come back to play and the ghosts make homes in my walls once more, and they'll whisper the things that I'm terrified to hear, my anxiety will remind me of every terrible possibility, men will remind me of head of collisions again, and I will want to run, before I crash. but you- the thought of you- will remind me what's worth fighting for.

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This love

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