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Submitted: July 12, 2018

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Submitted: July 12, 2018



I flew south for the winter

when the world went cold

till my wings broke shards of crystal ice

that collected over many a night

of colored dreams that birthed insomnia

until I broke beak and back to find reality


And when sleepless night came with another moon

of vivid dreams involving your image

with each a reflection of you in my eyes

where eagles would land and rabbits did speak

and happiness was brought back to me

I broke free and imagined my reality


Yet when I awoke

your eyes, pure blue

washed false and fake from my troubled mind

and cradled like kin, I lay down to sleep

in the arms of love that reminded me of home

a roof that never leaked, strong and sturdy

protection from all painful reality


You clung onto my words, a cliffhanger

as I shared all I dared to imagine

in cluttered spaces from my mind

you made room, to fit all I would say

and inhaled my words, life in lungs

you allowing to be part of my reality


Yet when insecurities killed a part of me

a leak in my walls I thought I had bandaged

you covered each hole with lips

and a whisper, faint and sweet

made dreams outside my own scattered sleep

awake to reality, where I knew you were mine

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