The horror dream

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The horror dream

Submitted: July 12, 2018

I was 6 years old.My dad comes from Australia at 2013 january 7 he took me and my mother at a vacation on India. at India we stay at kolkata at our house we have our

own house at kolkata.that was a old and looks like hunted I don't like to stay there beacuse sometimes at the house i felt that someone else is living with us.One day

at the house I went to the bathroom to wash my face then i saw at the mirror a girl was standing behind me.I was so scared the I look behind there was no one. Then at

night i was in my bed i was sleeping but suddenly i hear that a girls crying sound.I went that deraction and I saw a girl she was crying and said "why are you come

here?" I said "who are you? and what are you doing in my house".she said "your house Ha Ha Ha Ha this is my house".then she look at me and her eyes were dark red.I

was soo scared and then she tell me that "don't come near me or i will kill you and your mom and dad so stay away from me". Then I fell down .After i woke up i saw my

mom and dad they said "why are you sleeping so much it's 8:45pm".Then i relished that it was a dream but after the day it actually happen with me not in dream in my

real life but why this happen.


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