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I wrote this in honor of my soon to be husband. When I met him, he was a friend that I could talk to and trust. I just knew that when I first met him, he would be in my life one way or another. My
past situations that have burdened me inside, he listened and allowed me to open up without judgment. It was because of him that I felt more like myself, without holding on to the past.

Submitted: July 12, 2018

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Submitted: July 12, 2018



My lips crashed along the sands of your shore

while the waves of all that was lost pulled upon islands

Ours, where we built fires and found shelter

within the canvas of palm and sun

where the rays kissed my sky and burned my skin

and your melody of sirens drew me close to you


I trembled as the rocks gave way

salt to break down all that saved my soul

my grave was too thin and you dug to me

with cracked and mauled flesh

Own scars mirror to mine, a story marked

by trained actions and loss of identity

and the purity of you cleansed me

till the tears of the past surpassed my tender cheek


You caught my liquid rain with steady grace

placing your winds upon my neck, cartilage, and bone

till I lay along the bed of feathered wings

smiling among the clouds you formed

and shining your aquatic stars toward my heart


I am paralyzed, immobilized by my sense of you

all of you, where walls have crumbled and ships have sank

to flow along the beaches in bottles

where you keep your hidden messages

And as I grazed my sight along the glass

I found you crashing along the sands of my shore


and welcomed you home…


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