The Caves that Crumble

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Submitted: July 12, 2018

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Submitted: July 12, 2018




I grew from the outside in

and watched the world crumble within

cavities and caves crackle and curse

while travelers were trapped inside

to rot away with the treasure that once meant something


I sold those treasures a thousand times

out of anger and spite

along with my soul

so he, she, or even me, would not care of the outcome

and we could all move on


Rocks broke away from the inside out

leaving the core that tore a hole in the earth

and cracked the surface, forever a scar

of lessons learned

and never will I evers


I lost words for about two seconds

admiring the connection between thought and hand

and watched as her feels fell along the page

of never can I ever or

forever the endeavors of life


My hand is slipping with my mind too

along into the cracks of the surface

through the core of the earth

where so many travelers have past

yet lie paralyzed among the rubble

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