The Scary Man

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Richard, an abusive step father just wants a peaceful night while his wife is at work, but his bratty step children don't go to sleep. So Richard decides fear will he the tool he uses to get what
he wants and tells the children about a scary man who preys on children who don't sleep at night. As the night goes on and strange things occur Richard learns that it may not just be the children
who should fear "The Scary Man".

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Submitted: July 12, 2018



I: Bedtime


"One More Spongebob!" exclaimed four year old jacob excitedly.

"One mo Bob Bob" agreed jacob's two year old sister ella.

Both to which Richard, the children's stepfather, demanded "I said no more, its time for bed and your mom isn't here to spoil you this time, I'm in charge and i said bed NOW!".

Richard Wilson, or as his friends approprietly called him Dick, had known what he was getting into when he began dating Alice Smith a year and a half ago, Dick hated kids but damn was Alice sexy. As Dick would describe her she barely stood five foot three inches, had straight shining blonde hair that hung all the way to the small of her back, she weighed maybe a hundred and ten pounds soaking wet and although mothering two children mother nature had been good to her body, zero stretch marks a firm sexy tummy with nice firm ample C cup breasts and an ass you could lose your mind staring at, that is, these were Dick's words when describing his wife.

Dick's best friend Marcus Smith had been married to Alice for three years until he was killed in duty in Iraq, and Dick had been there to support Alice in her time of mourning, it was tough for Dick as well, trying to play the part of the caring friend while at the same time constantly having to hide the fact everytime he held her to cry on his shoulder he was getting turned on, but like many sociopaths, play the part he did and played it well did he.

He had always wanted Alice for himself and seven months after the funeral Dick and Alice were drinking alone one night, while Jacob and Ella stayed with Marcus' parents for the weekend, when one thing led to another and Dick pulled all the rigjt emotional strings within the mourning and lonesome Alice. Even going as far to make up a story that Marcus hsd asked Dick to care for his family if Marcus were to not survive the war, Dick was charming and persuasive and the two wound up in bed making love until the sun came up. Dick was good at playing up the passion and caring sensitive man role, he was just in the right place at the right time and Alice was in the wrong place at the right time because she fell for it and a week later Dick had moved in and two months after that the two were married, everything was perfect for Dick, everything that is except for those damn bratty rugrats he had to act like he cared for.

Jacob began sobbing, a tear rolling down his cheek "bu- but it's not even dark outside yet" he whimpered pointing to the window which plainly showed light shining through.

It was only 6:30 p.m. but Dick wanted the kids out his hair so he could watch some porn and have some drinks and enjoy some peace and quiet until Alice came home from work around midnight, if he played his cards right he may just get lucky tonight.

Raising his voice in irritation Dick repeated "I SAID BED, NOW!" his voice rising into an angry yell.

Ella began crying immediantly, Ella was small for two years old she had been born 2 months premature and was small in stature. she had short golden blonde hair and bright blue eyes and was in deed a beautiful baby but Dick scared her very much when mommy wasn't there but it also confused Ella because when mommy was there "itchard" as Ella called him was very nice to her always playing with her and giving her hugs and kisses and calling her a princess, but when mommy was away Richard was very mean and yelled alot and even sometimes spanked her, Jacob, who unlike his younger sister was big for a four year old but like his sister also had big bright blue eyes, shining short blonde hair and the biggest smile you'd ever seen chimed in more tears falling down his young face making his bright blue eyes become blood shot "Mommy would let us watch spongebob and sleep on the couch-"

But before Jacob could finish his toddler argument Dick had him by the arm and Ella picked up over his shoulder "When I say BED NOW!, I don't mean argue with me I mean get your little butts in BED (a pause) NOW!" Dick finished his demand as he stomped into the children's room which was a mess of toys and legos and empty sippy cups from the day.

"shit!" Dick thought, "i was suppose to clean up their room, oh well i'll tell her i played with them until late in the night and we were all just too tired to clean" Dick smiled at his mental plan but brushed the smile away quickly as he dropped Ella onto the bottom bed of their bunk bed, not bothering to cover her up or tuck her in, Jacob was putting up resistance not wanting to climb the ladder to his top bunk.

"You better move it mister or I'm taking my belt off!" Dick Said in a seriously threatening voice as he began to unlatch and remove his belt.

At the site of this and memory of how bad Richard's Belt felt last time he received a spanking with it while mommy was gone Jacob quickly made his way up the ladder and climbed under the blankets. Ella laid on the bottom bunk looking up at Richard with sad yet loving eyes "I uv ew Itchard" she said sniffling back mucas from her crying fit.

Dick rolled his eyes, was that suppose to be sweet or was the little brat just trying to get her way by trying to melt his heart, well either way unlucky for Ella Dick had no heart and not even a cute toddler trying to say she loved him would prove otherwise. Dick walked to the kids door and turned out the light and was beginning to shut the door when.

"Turn the light on please, i'm scared of the dark" jacob pleaded from his top bunk, he was sitting up in a bolt beginning to shake from his fear of the dark.

"You big baby! you're suppose to be a big boy, look at your sister you big sissy she isn't scared" said Dick in a very sarcastic tone.

"Can you turn on my scooby doo please?" Jacob said sniffling, beginning to tear up again, his mommy had always turned his scooby doo night light on at bedtime but Dick never would.

"You need to grow up Jake! so no, i'm not turning on scooby doo, in fact scooby doo is going with me" Dick said as he walked over and took the scooby doo night light out of the wall and put in in his pocket and walked back out of the bedroom slamming the door behind him, he could hear jacob begin to cry followed by Ella as well, he was glad at least that when he got about ten feet from the door he could no longer hear the little cry babies anymore.

He went to the kitchen and opened the fridge and grabbed his six pack of Bud and next to it he saw a baby bottle filled with milk sitting on a note that said "for Ella at bedtime, Love Alice" "Ah Shit" Dick said aloud while thinking to himself that now he was going to have to take the bottle to Ella and in doing so would have to put up with hearing Jacob whine about the dark again or Ella trying to butter him up.

In Dick's eyes that was so pathetic, it was so sad how people let kids get into their hearts the way they do and get their way with everything becoming spoiled little brats. Dick walked over to the kitchen sink and un screwed the nipple lid of the bottle and was about to pour the milk into the sink when he heard a god awful scream emitting from the children's bedroom, the last thing he needed was to have to explain an injured kid to Alice so he ran down the hallway still holding the bottle in one hand and the nipple in the other.

He opened the bedroom door and realized the light was back on but Ella was laying on the bottom bunk still and Jacob was crying on the top bunk sitting up, Ella's face lit up at the site of Richard.

"Muh Bobble, Itchard?" Ella asked in her innocent voice.

"Oh why not damnit at least it will shut one of the kids up for the night" Dick thought putting the nipple lid back on the bottle and handing it to Ella.

"Ank Ew" Ella said and begin sucking on the bottle like she had been dying of thirst.

Again Dick rolled his eyes turning his attention to Jacob."What's wrong now you big baby? and Why did you turn the lights back on I SAID NO LIGHTS AND QUIT BEING A CRYBABY!" Dick's irritation came out in an almost growling tone.

"I didn't turn the lights on they came on after you left and i got scared" Jacob sobbed.

"I probaly didn't push the switch all the way down now quit being a baby and shut up and go to bed" Dick said this and walked back to the light switch making sure to turn the switch all the way down, the room went dark.

"RICHARD?" Jacob asked.

"WHAT?!" Dick exclaimed in a fit of aggrivation.

"Can you tell us a bedtime story so I can fall asleep, please?" asked Jacob in desperation to not be left in the dark again.

Dick laughed and stated "No Jake, no stories you are too big for stories and your sister is half way to sleep already and you---" Dick stopped as an evil smile spread across his face, Dick was pretty sure he had never been a baby or a kid he just existed as an adult or better yet when he was a kid he didnt get his way he wasn't afraid of anything he never said sweet things, yea he was a hard kid if in fact he had ever been a kid at all.

II: Stagnant Nostalgia


Well in retrospect though he had been a kid once and he remembered it all to well. As an adult Dick Stands six foot three inches and weighs about two hundred and twenty five pounds, very muscular body with short jet black hair, a finely manicured goatee, and if not for the incident when he was seven then he'd have a pair of hypnotisingly beautiful blue eyes, but as it was Dick had one blue eye and one eye that was grey and dead with a two inch scar starting at the bottom of his left eyebrow and ending at the bottom of his eye socket before the cheek bone, the scar and eye was a constant reminder to Dick as to just why he hated kids so much.

When Dick was seven he had gotten tired of his father constantly spanking him and hitting him and his mom for no reason, he was tired of being made fun of at school by all the kids for wearing clothes with holes in them and for having bruises on his arms and face that the teachers never did anything about, but the kids had a field day calling him names and taunting him with the alias "stinky richard".

Dick's Mother, the cunt. was to scared of Dick's father to ever stand up for Dick so Dick became his father's punching bag. When Dad would leave, then Dick's mom would console him and tell him that one day when his father quit drinking everything would be better. Well Dick got tired of waiting and one day when he was seven while his dad was away Dick poured all of the bottles of liquor, wine and beer in the house down the drain, in his seven year old mind Dick thought if his dad had nothing to drink then maybe things would be better, it was the alcohol he thought, not his father.

Well later that night when his father came home Dick learned it was in fact the other way around, it was his father, not the alcohol because when Dick's father saw what had happened he first punched and threw Dick's mom against the wall and she slid down holding her face and sobbing, crying and asking Dick

"Why, why Richard why did you do this to us?"

Dick's eyes grew wide as his father grabbed him by the neck picked him up and shouted "BOY! I'm going to teach your respect for other people's property" Dick was then thrown to the floor hard.

His eyes wide open in fear, his lungs tight his heart beating rapidly as if he was running for his life, then father took off his thick leather belt with the longhorn buckle on the front, father usually wrapped the buckle in the inside of his hand and would spank Dick with the strap only but this time Dick's father wrapped the end of the strap in his hand and began to swing the belt, buckle end first at Dick with all his might.

The first three strikes landed hard on Dick's arms and hands which he was covering his face with, but the fourth slipped through his defenses and the left horn of the longhorn belt buckle stuck his left eye cutting it wide open and blinding young Dick in that eye forever.

The rest was a blurry mess, his father had swung at least another three or four times before finally throwing the belt down and telling his wife "Get over here woman the boy's bleeding like a stuck pig! Get him off the nice carpet before he ruins it!"

Dick then slipped into unconcscienceness, the rest was kind of a bunch of bits and pieces, most of which was him coming to and passing back out again during a trip in his mother's wood panel station wagon then he remembered waking once in a hospital bed seeing his mother talking to a doctor and a police officer and for the first time realizing he was only seeing from one eye, then he was out again, then he was a awake again and felt something over his blind eye and a nurse looking down at him smiling holding white tape in her hand.

When he finally came to completely his mother was running her hand through his hair and smiling telling him everything was going to be ok now that daddy was gone for good and he wouldn't hurt them anymore, but Dick wasn't happy to hear this he was blind, that bitch didn't even try to save him she never did now he looked like a damn pirate and if things weren't already bad enough with the other kids this was going to make it even worse and she could give a fuck less, and Dick as right he had to wear a patch over his left eye for 2 months and in those two months he was the butt of every pirate joke that elementary school kids could dish out.

When the patch came off and the scar was visible and the grey dead eye shown to the world the insults and teasing got even worse. At eight years old Dick quit being a kid, he became something else, he became hatred incarnate, and his hatred wasnt just for his father and mother, but mostly for kids, he hated kids and from that day forward Dick became a bully, he spent his time terrorizing smaller kids, scaring them with his eye, beating up kids on the playground, of course only kids smaller than himself.

III: Storytime


Some people come from a childhood of abuse and bettered themselves and do their best to not become the same kind of person that beat them, but not Dick, Dick was only satisfied when he could scare and hurt others and he had a perfect chance to do just that again now with Jacob and Ella. He had had enough, the kid would not leave him alone and Dick wanted some alone time so he continued.

"Actually yea I have a story for you Jake, it's called the story of the Scary Man".

Jacob shivered pulling the covers up to his face "wh- who- whose the scary man?" he asked frightfully.

Dick thought again piecing together his story to see just how bad he could scare the little brat, "well Jake the scary man is an evil monster who goes house to house every night to find the kids who won't go to bed when they are told to, and you don't wanna know what he does to the ones who don't listen to adults and go to sleep when they are told to" Dick began.

Tears began running down Jacob's cheek and even ella was paying close attention trying to make out Dick in the blackness of the dark room. Dick was laying it on thick and dramatizing his words making them sound scarier then they actually were like kids would do while telling scary stories around the campfire.

"wha- what does he do if the kids aren't sleeping?" asked Jacob sobbing harder now.

Dick's mouth stretched again in a wide evil smirk that Jacob could not see in the dark, all Jacob could see was a dark shadowy figure where Richard stood.

"He walks down the hallways to kids' rooms scratching his long black and bloody fingernails down the walls as he walks towards the children's room, he walks up to the bed where the kids are suppose to be asleep, if they are asleep he leaves them alone but if they are awake he will begin to growl and ask the kid "WHY ARE YOUR EYES OPEN!?" Dick overacts and uses a low deep growling voice to make the voice of his titular character in his story.

"Wha- What does he do then?" Jacob asked in a terrified sob.

Dick begins to whisper "He bends over the bed where the kid is laying and sticks two of his long black and bloody fingernails into the child's eyes and rips their eyeballs right out of their sockets!". Jacob began to shiver his tears coming faster.

"You see my eye jacob?" Dick asks.

"Yes Richard" Jacob says.

"Well the scary man came for me once and only got half the job done but i ran away, so unless you want your eyes ripped out you better go to sleep now!" Dick demands.

Jacob pulled the cover over his head and said "ok i'm going to sleep, please don't the let the scary man come"

Dick smiled even bigger "Oh I can't stop him Jacob only you kids can by going to sleep!"

Jacob didn't reply he just sobbed from under his blankets shivering in fear, Ella seemed to be asleep, Dick felt satisfied that he killed two birds with one stone he scared the little shit horribly and made sure he wouldn't be bothered again for the night. Dick left the kids room and walked to the end of hallway before deciding he could add just a little more icing to the cake, from the end of the hallway Dick begain scratching his fingers down the wall and making a growling noise, he could hear jacob screaming for help in the bedroom but Dick kept scratching until he got to the kid's door and he jumped into the door way and shouted in a deep scary voice "WHY ARE YOUR EYES OPEN!!!?"

Jacob screamed at the top of his lungs and Ella came out of her slumber and joined him both of them crying and screaming.

"You see kids he would have got you if that had been them, now close your eyes and go to bed before the real scary man comes" Dick said.

The children said nothing just continued sobbing and shaking beneath their covers. Dick laughed to himself "damn i'm good." Dick then went to the master bedroom and turned on the tv to the porn channel.

IV: Final Warning


The master bedroom was two doors down from the children's room with the master bathroom between the two rooms, the house was silent, Dick could no longer hear the kids crying and he had his porn turned down the way he liked it, Dick enjoyed the porn movies but always thought the moaning and talking was too hoakey. Thirty minutes went by and Dick was startled out of his porn trance by the unmistakable sound of children laughing and talking, his face turned red, those little fucking brats don't know when to stop, the story scared them, He scared them they were crying their little brat eyes out so why were they laughing and talking.

Dick stormed out of the bed and down the hallway and opened the children's door only to find the lights on and both kids sound asleep, the giggling and talking had stopped, Dick looked at the light switch.

"Damn light switch keeps coming back on what's wrong with the piece of shit" he said to himself.

He turned the light off again and shut the door to the children's room and began walking back to the master bedroom. As he put his hand on the door knob to the master bedroom he heard the children giggling, and all the blood rushed to his face making him look like an angry hairy tomato. He stormed back down the hallway making sure his steps were heard by the children, he had had it, if that light was back on and those brats were awake then he was going to belt the boy like he had to do on other occasions, but always making sure not enough to leave a mark behind for their mom to see, but enough to insue terror and pain into the little brat and teach him whose boss. Dick turned the knob and swung the door open and lunged into the room as if saying "AHA! I GOTCHA!", but he hadnt got anybody, the girl was asleep on the bottom bunk and the boy was seemingly asleep on the top, but once again the light was on.

"You little brats are messing with me!, thats it quit faking the sleeping boy!" Dick yelled.

This roused Jacob awake and he looked at Dick with blurry sleep filled eyes, "whats wrong richard" he said.

"Dont you get smart with me!" Dick said as he took off his belt and walked over to Jacob grabbing him by the arm and yanking him out of bed almost letting him fall from the top bunk and turning him around bending him over the bottom bunk, jacob began crying and trying to get away.

"Richard please what did I do? What did I do?" Jacob pleaded.

Ella had awoken to the ruckus and began crying in fear

. "I told you to go to sleep and you keep getting up and turning that damn light on trying to mess with me, well the jokes on you, youre getting the belt"

Dick swung the belt back in his hand as far back as he could and was just about to drive his arm back towards the boys rear and apply what would be a painful whip of the belt when the bedroom door slammed shut with a loud bang, Dick dropped the belt out of fear that his wife had caught him in the act.

"Its not what you thi-" Dick began as he turned to look at the door expecting Alice to be waiting for his explanation, and kicking the belt under the bed as far as he could at the same instant.

Jacob climbed into the bottom bunk and began to hold his younger sister in his arm tryin to calm her, as Dick completely turned to the door he saw it closed but noone was in the room. Dick walked to the door opened it and looked down the hallway there was nobody in the house except him and the kids must have been a draft he thought, he turned back to the bunk bed and looked up at the kids.

"This is the last time Im going to tell you! Go to bed now! no more playing around, Im going to be listening and if I hear one more sound out of either of you Ill take the belt to you for real this time" Dick yelled as he walked over and retrieved his belt out from under the bottom bunk.

Dick then slid a small hard red plastic chair away from a fisher price art desk Ella had gotten for christmas the year before, Dick positioned the chair underneath the ceiling fan in the room, grabbed one of jacobs dirty shirts from the hamper by the door and stood on the chair and unscrewed the light bulb from the fan, the room went dark. Satisfied that the kids werent going to be giving him anymore problems since they couldnt turn the lights back on and since he had driven the belt threat into their heads.

Dick began to the leave the room when he had another good idea, he went to the childrens closet and opened the door, in the far left corner was a box of some of ellas older baby toys, he dug through the box and pulled out 2 baby monitors, he switched them on to see if the batteries still had any juice, they did, he sat the main monitor up on the dresser next to the bunk bed and took the smaller receiver baby monitor with him. On his way out of the room he said without looking back "Im going to be listening to the two of you on the monitor so if I hear even a peep out of you Ill be coming back with the belt do you understand?"

"Ye-yes sir" Jacob stammered.

"es ir" ella sobbed.

"Good! Now GO TO BED!" Dick yelled as he slammed the door leaving the two children alone and afraid.

As Dick began walking away, he did not look back, for if he had he would have seen the light come back on in the room casting a faint glow beneath the childrens bedroom door. Dick entered the master bedroom again and laid his belt on the dresser and stood the small baby monitor next to it and fell onto the bed grabbing his remote and hitting play. Thirty minutes went by in peace as Dick enjoyed his porn, he looked over at the baby monitor and noticed the small green light was flashing which meant there should be noise coming out of the speaker, he got up and walked over and thats when he realized he hadnt turned the volume up when he had turned it on. He ran his finger up the cog shaped volume dial and turned it up to max volume, as he did he began to hear a static hissing noise that was overpowering what sounded like a conversation.

V: Static


Through the hiss he could make out the following.

"……y…..he……..e…..ith…..bel…..ere….and….here" then he heard nothing but the hissing static for about 30 seconds followed by.

"…….i missed….to….ar…..yo…..omin….ome" once again followed by the hissing static.

Dick went from being being pissed to puzzled what was going on, thats Jacob he heard talking but, his thoughts were cut off by what sounded like ellas voice.

"I uv ew…y" and then what sounded like Jacobs voice. "Ok……we will…….to" then the hissing static stopped completely and the light in the monitor stopped blinking.

Dicks anger resurfaced, "those damn kids dont know when to stop" he said to himself as he began storming to the childrens room, he threw the door open to a now dark room, he saw the shapes of the kids sitting up on the bottom bunk.

"What are you kids doing up! I heard you in here acting like you were talking to someone, I told y'all to go to bed and you refuse to mind me! Whether you like it or not i am your daddy now and you are going to respect me! So now after I get done with ya then the Scary Man is going to pay you a visit since you didnt listen to me!" Dick yelled.

Jacob then replied in a trembling tone "You arent our real daddy! the scary man doesnt want us he wants to talk to you!!!!"

A more confident ella then chimed in, in a small cute but matter of factly tone "Scary man want you"

Dick's face turned red in anger but he chuckled at the kids words and said "So not only are you not going to mind now you actually think you can scare me, you might think you two are smart but all it got you is a belting!" Dick reached at his waist and realized he left his belt in his room, he looked back at the kids.

"There isnt anything going to stop me this time, you had your chance to mind now Im going to give you a reason to listen when I tell you what to do!" Dick stormed out of the room and down the hallway to the master bedroom.

VI: Why Are Your Eyes Open?


The door to the Master bedroom was open, "didnt I shut this door" Dick said to himself as he entered.

He looked to the dresser at the belt and began to walk towards it when the door slammed shut behind him, the tv fell to the floor taking the panting and moaning couple on the screen with it, and as Dick turned to runto open the door the room went dark

."YOU KIDS ARE REALLY GOING TO GET IT NOW I DON'T CARE IF YOUR MOM SEES THE MARKS OR NOT! I'M GOING TO BEAT THE S---" But before Dick could finish yelling his threat and before he could feel his way through the darkness back to the door he heard the clinging of what sounded like small pieces of metal of some kind clanging together a couple feet in front of where he stood and then a loud monstrous voice asked.


Before Dick could do anything, Something had him and Dick Screamed into the darkness for several minutes, the screams were the screams of the worst fear and pain imaginable, and that is all Dick knew before his life was gone, all the pain and fear he had inflicted on the innocent had now came to claim him, when the screaming stopped the house went quiet.

In the childrens bedroom Jacob held Ella in his arms as they slept peacefully until the next morning when they were awoken by the screams of their mother as she found what remained of her husband.

She found Dick lying in the floor of their master bedroom his face bloody, twisted and frozen in fear and pain and she screamed again when she realized his eye sockets were empty but no eyes were ever found. She noticed a glimmer next to his body, she slowly reached with trembling hands and picked up the small metallic object, confusion showed on her face as she realized she was holding a pair of military I.D tags belonging to Private Marcus Smith, her late husband & the father of Jacob and Ella.

Epilogue: The Babysitter


One Year Later......

"Shut up and go to bed! You little brats were suppose to be asleep thirty minutes ago! your mom is going to be home in a couple hours and I don't want you little shits making me look like a bad babysitter, so get in bed and shut your mouths!!!" the babysitter demanded to Jacob and Ella.

The kids climbed into their beds and Ella looked up at the babysitter. "Can you tell us a bedtime story?" the now 3 year old Ella asked.

"Yeah can you?" asked Jacob.

"Oh yea, I got a story for you its called two little rugrats won't mind the mean old babysitter so she swats them until their asses bleed! then when they continue not to mind and not go to sleep then the BIG MONSTER UNDER THE BED COMES OUT AND EATS THEM ALIVE!!!" the babysitter said raising her voice into a irritated angry growl at the end, when she saw Jacob and Ella jump she began to laugh.

"Now go to bed! my boyfriend is waiting on me in the living room and he don't feel comfortable with two kids being awake in the house! and if you get out of those beds or make another peep then i promise that you won't have to worry about what i do because their really is a Monster under your bed and its just waiting to eat you!" the babysitter lauged as she said this and walked to the bedroom door, she turned out the light and slammed the door and made her way to her boyfriend waiting in the living room.

Once she was walking away from the door the light inside Jacob and Ella's room came on by itself and a smile came across Jacob and Ella's face as they began to giggle........

THE END............

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