Stalked- Part 2

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There is nothing scarier than the feeling of being followed home after work at 2 AM. Nothing scarier that is than a clown following you home at 2 AM. In part 1 Katie thought she saw a clown inside
her workplace just after closing up. She never that what she had seen was real, and with the intentions of following her home....

Submitted: July 12, 2018

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Submitted: July 12, 2018



Katie turned, her face pale and her heart thumping loudly.  She cried "There is a clown inside the store!"

She pointed to the mask wall, which of course, was now empty. Morgan looked at her and asked with narrowed eyes, "Did you just say you saw a clown inside the store? Are you joking around?"

Katie looked around desperately but saw no evidence of what she had just seen

"Morgan, it was standing right there by the wall! It must have hidden as we closed up shop and now it is hiding again!"

She could feel Morgan's surprise turning into annoyance as he smirked and turned away. "Quit kidding around, Katie. I never figured you as a practical joker. Come on, we have work to do and I don't feel like hanging around longer playing mind games."

Katie felt her face turning red as she began to pick up the fallen boxes. She hissed out "I am not joking, Morgan! I saw a clown in the store, TWICE!"

She heard Morgan reply from the registers area -"Oh really? Twice?"  But he didn't say anything else after that. Later they both walked towards the side door on their way out. This is when Morgan snuck a glance at Katie and saw her trembling hands.  He said- "The doors were all locked, you know.  I checked as I swept. And later I checked the storage room and broom closet.  Katie, I didn't see anyone hiding there."

She remained silent as they closed up Sylvano's store together. Morgan paused briefly as he looked at his pickup truck in the lot then at Katie's trembling hands.  He sighed and asked "Do you need a ride to the bus stop?"  Usually after work he just hopped into his truck and sped off without a second thought, but tonight seemed different, plus it had started to rain. Katie clutched her bag and nodded.

They drove in silence the 4 blocks to her stop at Willard Street as Jefferson Airplane played White Rabbit on the car stereo. As he dropped her off, Morgan asked softly-

"Did you really see a clown inside the store Katie?"

She bit her lip as she opened her umbrella 

A flash of a pale clown's face appeared in her mind.

She nodded, looking down. "Yes...I did."

She closed the truck's door and caught a glimpse of Morgan's face as he drove off into the night.  He looked troubled.

Katie waited for maybe seven minutes for her bus to arrive, but by then the rain had already soaked her denim bell bottoms and her corduroy coat. She entered the bus and sat down near the front, and rode the 15 minutes to her neighborhood.  She tapped her fingers nervously on the glass as the rain fell harder. Without wanting to, the memory of the clown's face and green hair surfaced in her brain.

Suddenly tho she was at her Lemon Street stop and got out.  She took her umbrella back out (the type of umbrella that is big and has bold blue and white vertical stripes) and opened it.  A brief thought entered her mind.

"Like the stripes on a circus tent..." was the thought. Katie shook her head and began to walk down Lemon Street. As she walked she noticed the time on the big clock tower of the bank near Pine Street. It said 2:00AM. 

She walked quickly as she had several blocks to go before she could reach her apartment on Orchard Street. She thought she heard footsteps behind her, tho at the same time it sounded like the sound of the falling rain. She did a quick glance and saw someone behind her, about half a block away.

"Maybe it is someone who also got off the bus with me," she hoped, yet she quickened her pace and reached Pine Street and made a right here. 

This street was more residential and more heavily shaded by trees and thus was darker.  She noticed that whoever was behind her also made the same right turn at Pine Street. She walked on and noticed that the rain had become just a drizzle again yet she ignored this fact and walked rapidly, still holding her open umbrella. She saw the next street up ahead and passed it, and at the same time her senses told her that the figure behind her was still there, following her.

Katie realized with a cold chill that she was definitely being followed. She reached Meridian Street and made a sharp turn and then crossed over to the other side and began to run as fast as she could. As she ran she turned around (she couldn't help not looking in spite of the situation) and saw the figure turn on Meridian Street and also cross the street after her.

Katie ignored the splash from the puddles as she ran and ignored the pain from her too tight shoes. Her heart raced as she sped on, seeing her apartment complex just ahead.  She scrambled for her keys and heard her breath catch in her throat as her eyes fell on a figure appearing from beneath the shadows of a sycamore tree.

It was her stalker. But it wasn't running towards her.

It was dancing towards her. It was dancing a dance similar to those movements made by mechanical toys or wind up figures.

Katie felt frozen as the figure came out into the moonlight.

It was the clown from Sylvano's store, and it had followed her home.

The clown was dressed in a colorful striped outfit complete with Pom poems. But something was wrong with the outfit, as it was ragged and torn and slashed at places and it seemed stained with blood near the clown's collar and arms. Katie's eyes were drawn to the clown's smiling face and it's eerie yellow eyes.

She felt transfixed by the eyes and felt her keys drop from her hands. The clown smiled even wider and held a gloved hand to its ear. It then pointed up and it was then that Katie heard the sound of distant carnival music-faint at first but then louder and dissonant and archaic. At the same time Katie felt her knees weaken and she fell with a loud thud on the ground next to her keys. 

Tears streamed down her cheeks as she confirmed the awful truth. She had never actually imagined the clown at Sylvano's.

Her screams of terror jolted her roommate Claudia awake, who raced to her window and yanked the curtains aside. Her heart froze when she saw the clown outside her apartment window. It stood next to a puddle of blood and a pair of keys. She stifled a scream as the clown stared at her and grinned. Then it gave her a little wave and stepped back holding a striped umbrella soaked with blood. The clown then began to dance away back towards the darkness of the street, all the while twirling the open umbrella to the melody of the organs of the haunting carnival music, which faded away with the wind.

Claudia called the police immediately and it was they who found Katie's keys next to the bloody puddle by the sidewalk in front of the apartment complex. Police were baffled by Claudia's story and they were equally baffled by Morgan's story of the clown in the store.

"A nut in a clown suit followed her home?"-one officer wondered to another. 

No one knew exactly what had happened to Katie or why that night of 1969. Her handbag was located weeks later in an empty field near the woods. It was bloody and next to it sat a lone Pom Pom. Only one thing was noticed the night Katie disappeared but no one knew how to make sense of it because it sounded as if out of a horror story.

One officer was inside the girls ' apartment and noticed a oil painting sitting on the floor of the apartment in the hallway. It showed a macabre circus complete with striped tent and a merry go round.   The whole painting seemed shrouded in a strange mist and gave out a creepy feeling to the officer. His eyes fell on the figure of a green haired clown riding the merry go round and staring at the viewer with wide knowing eyes. The cop later asked Claudia about it.

"I found that old thing at a flea market just before Halloween. I was planning on giving it to my cousin who likes vintage stuff." she sighed. The cop shook his head as he moved away but this was when Claudia suddenly gasped.  The officer saw her move closer to the vintage oil painting and stare open mouthed at the figure of the clown.

"My God...the clown! It is the same one I saw outside when Katie disappeared!"

The room suddenly fell silent.

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