Breaking the Ice Chapter 11

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Breaking the Ice takes place 35 years after the ending of Gen 2. It's set in a universe where the other games DON'T EXIST. Breccia finds herself alone after the death of her father and sides up
with Team Rocket in a desperate attempt to get her life back on track. Little does she know what started as a fresh start will soon turn hellish.

Submitted: July 12, 2018

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Submitted: July 12, 2018



Despite having an apartment on the island like everyone else, Riker was rarely home. He often slept in his office, taking breaks to stop by the pub or take a walk. Considering it was a Saturday evening, he was expecting a call from Stotler. What he wasn't expecting was for it to be so late.

“Yeah?” Debating where to sleep for the night, Riker put a finger in his ear. “Hows things in Sinnoh...No why?...Hang on, what?”

Stotler, a level headed guy on the worst of days, was upset and almost frantic. “We had men stationed in Hearthome...” He started to speak, shaky but resolved. “The Boss wanted us to make plans for a casino in the area, like we use to have in Celadon...I sent some of my best men to scout out the area and not a single one returned.”

“You haven't heard anything back from them?”

“Not a peep. We aren't even sure they made it to Hearthrome to begin with.”

For some reason, hearing the news reminded Riker of the whiskey he had in his fridge. A part of him wished he and his friend could share a shot.

“I called Sanchez at Hoenn earlier today.” Stotler continued. “They had an entire squadron vanish on route to Rustboro.”

“How long has this been going on?” Riker was sure that if they were face to face, Stotler would've shrugged.

“I heard through the grape vine that some of our members have gone missing throughout the month.” The line crackled with static, cutting out for a couple of seconds. “With how hard it's been financially, we sometimes have runners, but this many?”

“Have you had any previous missions fall through?”

“Not on my end.” The sound of a flicking lighter signaled Stotler lighting a cigarette. “But I know vandalism has been running rampant. Minor childish stuff, defacing monuments, someone broke into the Fighting Dojo at Saffron and tore the place up. Kelly Anne had to defend the Kanto branch against the police when they came poking around.”

“They think we're responsible?”

“They did, but why would we bother? It's petty. There's no money in it.” Stotler sighed. “All I know is if the Boss can't rely on his executives to keep things in order, he's gonna start kicking us out the door. Kelly's convinced she's gonna get the boot and Sanchez is on his last warning. Someone or something is out there messing with us.”

“Look, just calm down.” Standing in the doorway of his office, Riker took a moment to lock up before heading to the elevator.

“The issue with your scientists, are you sure it was just an accident?” Stotler's question sent a sliver of pure ice into Riker's veins. He was so concerned with calming his friend down that it didn't occur to him: did he have a traitor in his ranks? Birtan was small, poor and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. The division in Aurora was only five years old and Riker was working as Stotler's underling when he received the promotion to executive. Could it be that he as so determined to prove himself and make things work that he let the wrong people slip through? “Riker.”

“What?...Oh, yeah. I canceled the project....”An insurmountable amount of stress and anxiety began to surface. “Aside from the League poking around, nothing of any significance happens around here.”

“Keep a look out.” The conversation did little to calm either. “And keep an eye on your men.”

“I will.” Going into the open cart, Riker pressed the buttons with numb fingers.

They said their final farewells and his transceiver was back in his pocket by the time he hit the ground floor.


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