The Twelfth Dimension

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: July 12, 2018

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Submitted: July 12, 2018







It is hard to believe

That the world we see

Is all that there is

And all that can be.

But there is a world

For all to behold

A glorious world

Of many souls.

Souls of the lost

Souls of the free

Souls that are here

To help us to see.

God gave us the wisdom

And the freedom to explore

All his glorious mysteries

And many things more.

Love was his tool

Love was his grace

But he chose only a few 

To put it in place.

There are things to see

And some to behold

With each step we take

Vast mysteries unfold.

I know in my heart.

We were meant to be

Part of something much bigger

Then just you and me.

The name of our group

Was a hard one to seek

Some were too common

While others were weak.

The creation of life

which Is what we've been told

Is a single dimension

Multiplied by twelve fold.

Each one was created

to join with another

Like the gift of a child

To a father and mother.

The twelve dimensions 

Written on this list

Is how manifestation of spirit

Is said to exist.

Physical motion Is first on the list

The creation of time

In which we exist.

Emotional motion

Is second in line

Its human emotion

Both yours and mine.

Mental motion is human thought

Number three of the twelve

Which is what we've been taught.

The initial reaction of Dimensions

One, two and three

Are the emotional building blocks

Of lifes' reality.

These three creations

Were repeated once more

Three dimensions of space

Opened up a new door.

Vast width, length and height

Are what's said to be

The feeling as space

For these new three.

Infinite beings

Repeated once more

Three more dimensions

And a whole new door.

Magnetic,electric and life energies

Are the building blocks

Of a whole new three.

Though one through nine

Could not function without

Three brand new dimensions

Make up what lifes about.

They say consciousness templates

Are created from ten

Where our infinite universes

Were created within.

The last two dimensions

Combined with the rest

Are the keys to existence

But by far are the best.

God our father and mother

Creator of all

Is now tightly woven 

In this harmonious ball.

The circle's complete

Each detail's in place

From the moon and the star's

To our infinite space.

This world as we know it

Holds secrets within

Find the child locked inside you

Let your journey begin.




























© Copyright 2020 joyceproper. All rights reserved.

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