Club Hush (Part Two)

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Crystal and her best friend decide to check out a new club in their small city, at first it seems fun and exciting but they soon realize the real horrors behind it, the owner and the real
customers. Money can buy you just about anything, whatever your fetish, no matter how awfully sadistic it might be.

Submitted: July 13, 2018

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Submitted: July 13, 2018



As she began to wake, her vision was still blurry but Crystal realized she was sitting in a chair without restraints; her hopes began to rise but she suddenly touched her neck and felt what seemed to be some sort of collar. Slowly her vision improved and she looked around; she was in a room that wasn't quite as dark as the other rooms, there was some low ambient lights. Slowly her eyes adjusted as she scanned the room,  her already broken heart sank lower in her chest when the large figure of a man came into view.  At first she could only make out his silhouette but as her eyes adjusted more she began to see details of him.  He was tall, broad at the shoulders and just intimidating overall.  His face was slightly  squared with a very strong jawline going back just under his ears. His brow bone slanted upwards just ever so much to short hair.

Crystal could feel his stare,  his eyes burned into her mind with a cold intensity that chilled her soul. For three long minutes he said nothing, instead he just stared at her.  The room was so silent but filled with a heavy tension, she wanted to scream. Then he took a few steps forward and was standing in front of her, nearly on top of her.

"Never has anybody given us this much trouble. " He spoke calmly but it wasn't soothing.
"It's  simple,  you come here with your friends, you drink and dance and have a good time..... " he paused,  "and in those rooms, rich men much like myself pay to do whatever they want to you. " He waited a moment. 

"You can't get away with this.... " Crystal whimpered. 

"Shut the fuck up,  you think anybody is going to believe you? " He laughed. 

"We can get whatever we desire in this world,  whatever it might be....  You think people are going to believe a little nobody like you?" He walked around and stood behind her.

He knelt down to where his mouth was just against her ear, she could feel his breath and it caused the hairs on her neck to stand up. She could feel him inhaling the scent of her hair before he pressed his mouth against her neck, then suddenly he bit her hard. She cried out and tried to get up but he held her down in the chair and bit deeper into her flesh, she felt him wrap his arms around her and pressing her and the chair against his body. Then he slowly released her neck and his lips were against her ear again as he began to whisper.

“I could give you all the names of the men here, and let you run to the cops and tell them everything you’ve seen and everything that’s happened to you….” He paused, letting his tongue taste her earlobe. “And you know what would happen? Absolutely nothing, they would just laugh at you and tell you to go home.” He laughed.

As Crystal tried to hold back the tears that threatened to start streaming down her face, the man got up and walked around her before he once again stood in front of her. He then knelt down just enough to where they were eye to eye, his nose just barely touching hers. He got back to his feet and grabbed her by the hair and, pulling her hair and head backwards, forced her to look up at him before spitting in her face. With that she just couldn’t stand it anymore, she burst from the chair and shoved on his chest with her hands trying to push him back and away from her.

“Fuck you! Fuck you, you disgusting piece of shit!” She screamed at him with even more desperation as she realized her small size just couldn’t make him move.

Instead, he only laughed at her angry outburst and grabbed her by the wrists; shoving her to the floor, he then got down on top of her with his shin pressing hard against her stomach. She tried to shove him off but he only pressed his weight down more, until she was red in the face. Then in a fluid motion as he stood up, he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her knees in front of him. He then attached a chain that hung from the ceiling to the collar around her neck.

“This right here, is a fun little toy for bitches who don’t behave.” He laughed as he reached into his pocket and pulled out what looked like a remote.

He pressed a button and Crystal was pulled up by the neck, and she started to choke and struggled to breath. She grabbed at the chain to support herself up as it pulled her all the way up to the balls of her feet, which allowed her to just barely support her weight.

“Good girls behave, bad girls get punished.” He growled.

“What the hell is wrong with you, I didn’t do shit to you.” She gasped for air.

“Must I repeat myself?” He said as he leaned closer to her face, “be a little bitch and you will get punished, I’ll cause you pain in ways you’ve never known before.” He then stepped back and watched with a smirk as she struggled.

He let off the button and watched her struggled to stand up and hold onto the chain, then with a smile he pressed the button again and watched as the chain pulled her off the ground. She cried out and kicked her feet frantically into the air as she held onto the chain, unable to breath as the collar grew tighter and closed off her airway. Then he pressed another button that caused her to fall to the ground, he laughed as she struggled to catch her breath and watched with sadistic pleasure as she fought back tears. After a minute or so; as Crystal was able to breath somewhat normally, she felt herself suddenly pulled back up by the neck again. It stopped just before pulling her off of her heels; she watched helplessly as he walked up in front of her and ripped her already torn shirt off and then her skirt. He threw both pieces to the ground and then seized hold of her panties and tore them off with one swift motion. He walked around to the back of her, she could not see what he was up to or what he took off of a table. Without warning Crystal felt this stinging pain across her ass and then again across her lower back, the pain caused her to scream out in agony. He continued with the lashes over and over again until he finally stopped and walked around to her front; he stuck a bloody horse crop in his back pocket before he grabbed her by the jaw and forced her mouth open and spat down her throat. He held her mouth closed, and she had no other choice but to swallow. When she could finally open her mouth, she screamed at him and tried to spit at him, but he responded by backhanding her across the face and busting her bottom lip open. He then took the remote from his other pocket and pressed a button, Crystal felt herself pulled up onto the balls of her feet once again.

“We’ll see how long you can support yourself, maybe half an hour will break that little attitude you’ve got.” He said as he walked toward a door.

“Please, don’t leave me like this!” She begged him.

He stopped at the door and looked back at her as she struggled to stand and hold onto the chain, he only smiled before he opened the door and walked out of the room, she could hear him lock the door from the outside. Tears began to fill up in her eyes as she wished she had never come to this club, she cursed Jenny for talking her into it and then remembered that her best friend’s fate was still unknown to her which caused more tears to fall from her eyes. She could feel her toes as they cramped and started to tingle, her brain was ready to accept the reality that she was most likely going to die. She could feel blood trickling down from her backside and to the floor, her arms were getting tired from trying to hold her up and she could feel the collar tightening more and more around her neck. After minutes that felt like hours she began to go in and out of consciousness as she could no longer support her weight on her toes. Just as she began to black out, the door opened and a tall thin man walked in. At first she felt her stomach churn and sink down, but the man walked over to her and released the chain from her collar. He caught her before she fell to the ground and carried her over to a couch where he laid her down, even though her vision was blurred she could see concern in his eyes.

“Who are you, did he send you to finish me off?” She couldn’t find her voice, it came out as a rasp.

“My name is Kent, tonight was my first night working the bar and I couldn’t help but notice suspicious things going on so I decided to check them out for myself. That’s when I realized the awful things that were really going on, and I saw that man walk out of this room so I decided to see what was going on in here.” The man responded.

“I need to get out of here, I need to find my friend.” She whispered.

“You can’t go anywhere with no clothes on, here.” Kent said as he pulled his shirt off and helped her put it on.

“I don’t think you’re going to want it back, but I have no clothes thanks to him.” She laid her head down on the couch.

“I got plenty of shirts, but here you can wear my boxers if you don’t mind.” He said as he stood up and pulled his pants off, then took off his boxers and handed them to her.

As she slowly pulled them on, he pulled his pants back up and stood there looking around the room. She sat up and groaned as he whole body ached in pain, and she was very weak and tired. Kent helped her to stand up and let her use him to balance herself.

“We don’t have a lot of time, I’m sure he’ll be back soon and when he finds you gone he’ll be pissed off. Where do you think your friend might be?” Kent asked her.

“I have no idea where to even start looking, but I can’t just leave without trying to find her.” Crystal quietly replied.

“Okay, we’ll look in the basement first. If we don’t find her there, we’ll have to assume the worst and get you out of here.” He said as they walked to the door.

Kent opened the door and carefully looked out into the hallway, when he was certain it was all clear he motioned to Crystal to follow him. They made their way down the hall and past a few doors, Crystal wasn’t sure which floor they were on but this hallway didn’t have the same number of doors as the ones she remembered.

“What floor are we on?” She asked Kent as they turned down another hallway.

“Just above the basement, below the dance floor. I guess they spent quite some time fixing this building up and added this in.” Kent answered quietly.

They made their way to a stairway that only had one way to go, downstairs. Kent stopped just before the first step and listened for a moment, the music upstairs wasn’t quite as loud but you could still hear the bass and feel it vibrations. After a few moments, he seemed satisfied with what he heard or didn’t hear and led her down the stairs. It was very dark and what lighting they had to see was constantly flickering.

“What exactly is down here Kent?” Crystal asked him after the second flight of stairs.

“I’m not sure, but I had seen some guys carrying what looked like limp bodies to the stairway and disappearing down them.” He replied.

“How much further down is it?” She was beginning to get suspicious.

Suddenly they reached a closed door; it was rusted and filthy looking, as Kent pulled the door open a very strong, pungent smell came from inside. It made Crystal and Kent choke and cough, it was so disgusting and thick in the air.

“Well, that isn’t a good sign.” Kent said between gasps.

Crystal didn’t bother to try and respond, she could barely breathe as they slowly walked inside. It wasn’t nearly as dark as the stairway was, but the ceiling lights were still very dim. They walked down a small hallway, past rooms where the smell was the strongest. There was one single light in the center of each room that gave off just enough light for you to know it was there, but the corners of each room were in completely shadows. Her curiosity itched to find out what was the smell, but her mind told her that she didn’t want to know.

“I don’t think we’ve got enough time to check every room, especially if there isn’t any light.” Kent spoke quietly.

“You think anybody else is down here?” She asked him.

He shrugged his shoulders, their noses were getting somewhat used to the smell and they weren’t struggling as hard to breathe as before. They could soon see the end of the hall and no other way out; but two doorways, one on the left and one on the right. Both were dark inside with no lighting and Crystal noticed the smell was coming from there too.

“Maybe there’s a light switch somewhere inside?” Crystal said as she began to walk into the room on the left.

She reached around the walls near the door to see if there was a light switch but couldn’t find anything, she started to walk along the wall hoping to find anything. Kent did not walk into the room with her, instead he stood in the hallway and waited. She looked back at him with some confusion and just as she began to say something, she heard a sound in the room. She walked further along the wall with her hand out on it when he hand found something like a button on the wall, she pressed it but nothing happened and then she could feel it was a knob that could be turned so she did that and suddenly a light in the center of the ceiling started to come on. She looked in horror as she began to see naked women hanging by their wrists from chains, there had to be at least ten in that one room and they didn’t look alive. She slowly walked closer to one and could see the chest just barely moving, but the stench was awful. Crystal walked around that one and looked at each face as she passed by, just as she got closer to the back of the room she saw something that made her heart sink in the abyss that was once her stomach. There was Jenny; her best friend lying on the ground in one of the back corners, she ran over to her and dropped to the ground beside her.

“Jenny, girl are you okay?” She cried frantically as she realized that her best friend wasn’t breathing.

Crystal lifted her chin up and noticed a chain wrapped many times around Jenny’s throat, there was dried blood on the chain and on her neck and chest. The chain wasn’t attached to the ceiling or wall, although it looked like it had been at one part. Crystal couldn’t hold back the tears anymore as she realized her best friend had been brutally tortured to death. She began to look over the body and could see bruises, cuts and bloody gashes along Jenny’s breasts, stomach and inner thighs. She looked at each wrist and ankle and saw the bloody signs that chains were once wrapped tightly around them as well.

“Oh my god, what have they done to you?” Crystal took the body of her best friend into her arms and held her close.

“I guess her pain and suffering is over now…. Not sure about your’s though.” Kent said just behind her.

As Crystal turned to look at him with confusion and to say something, he swung a large bat-like object and struck her on the side of her head knocking her out.

Crystal woke up in a large cage with some sort of mouth gag that held her mouth open in an “o” position, she was once again naked and had a different kind of collar around her neck. It was tight and had what felt like needles pressing into her skin, she couldn’t move without feeling some sort of pain. She tried to look around, to see where she was exactly and to remember what had happened before she blacked out. Her head and the left side of her face was throbbing in immense pain, and she remembered Kent hitting her and then remembered finding Jenny’s body.

“Did you really think you were going to get out of here?” A familiar voice suddenly spoke.

She slowly looked up and saw that same intimidating figure that had strung her up and whipped her earlier, her heart couldn’t have sunk any lower……

… The End….

© Copyright 2020 Lady-Wolf. All rights reserved.

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