Misadventures in Love

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If you ever read this, I want to be as transparent as possible. This is about you and you know who you are

Submitted: July 12, 2018

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Submitted: July 12, 2018



I met you by chance
Not knowing the impact you would have in my life
The moment I met you
I trusted you
And when I looked into your eyes I knew
That you fully trusted me as well

We were both struggling, that warm spring
In that time nor I or you needed a lover
We both just needed 
A shoulder to cry on
Hand to hold
And ear to listen
I was to you no more or less

Time passed, memories were made
We spent most days together
And even some nights still linger in my mind

But I told you I loved you too soon
You didn't say it back
And when you did I wasn't sure
If it was out of loneliness, pity
Or just maybe, from your heart

Either way, I knew that we weren't meant to be
Because even when we both knew
That we wanted to make a home in eachothers hearts
Neither of us could take the risk
For ours had been broken many times before

Love is hard, love is scary
Love is confusing, and love is painful

I am happy to have known as a friend
I'm happy to see you happy
And I know that sometimes
Love just isn't enough

The universe must have different, better, plans for you

And for me



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