seasons of love

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Submitted: July 12, 2018

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Submitted: July 12, 2018



Seasons of Inevitable Love



I met him

And I wanted him like no one else

If I were a desert, then he was the mirage of an island oasis

No wonder it’s called being “Thirsty”

Endless nights of speedy freezes and open roads

An array of mellow music and hands vibrating to moving wind from car windows

Swimming pools and Tanqueray on ice

Time was obsolete

Everything melted into one another

Like popsicles left out on sidewalks and over saturated sunrises

It was messy

But brilliant



I watched him set fire to the bridges we built

And I cried when they hit the sea

No longer giving each other what was need for survival

The water reserves of our once infectious love had run dry

Never taking the time to till the land of our once fertile relationship

He was no longer in awe of me

He took the fruit that I worked laborious hours to raise

He left me barren and wilted



I became jealous of the migratory birds because they could escape the cold

It greeted me like an old and distant friend

It’s encroaching smile and frozen touch led me to a den and promised a quick fix

Hibernation is just another word for depression

It’s just dressed up as a brown bear tucked away in distant woods

I did not know when I would wake up or if I even wanted to

Unaware if I would make it out alive

The entrapment of winter is cunning

And can almost always bury you in your sleep



I arose from my once seemingly endless slumber

And I awoke we newborn eyes

The world that was once colorless and void now screamed of florals and pastels

This newfound energy enticed me to run barefoot among the grassy hills

The migratory birds returned, and they chirped of new tune

I took a hearty breath of fresh air

Exhaling the woes of my past

Leaving my imprisonment

Eager to start my seasons over again

This time with someone new


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