Outside Appearance.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

We know we often make mistakes by judging people from outside appearance. Well, this guy made me start to think seriously about the way he was dressed.

I saw this guy, he looked like a down-and-out, scruffy, hadn't wash for ages, scrounging around. ""Are you a homeless person? Have you got a place to live?'' I asked him.
''Why? A bit nosey I see!'' He said. ''I'll have you to know that later on, I'd be head of this down trodden country.''
''Am I suppose to believe such rubbish? You can't lead your own self much more to be leading a country.''
''I'm also a painter,'' he told me. He took out some papers from the bag that was slung over his shoulder, and showed them to me. I looked at them carefully, then told him, ''This is kiddy's stuff. I thought you were serious.''
''So you don't like the drawing of the building?''
''Is that supposed to be a building?'' I asked.
He said, ''Yes, don't you like it?''
''My little kid can do better than that? Have you got a family? Do you need help?''
''Yes, I've got a family, but I chose this way of life for a reason.''
''Okay, then. See you around. Take care!'' I left him, and went away. I wasn't far away from him, when I heard him shouting. ''Why don't  you join me for a while, it would be fun.''
I shouted back, ''I don't think this way of life will suit me. I like to be in a suitable dwelling, if you know what I mean.''
''I'm still going to become head of this country.'' He said.
''Good lucks to you, can't wait to see it happen.''

On my way to the station, I nipped into the pub, and had a quick one. I had time enough to catch the train. I was on my way up to Birmingham to visit my grandad. The day was sspent with my grandad, Then I came back. I decided to visit that guy, and see how he was getting on. He was glad when he saw me again. ''I thought you would keep away from us, people.'' He said.
''I'm not like that,'' I told him I like to help people, and see that they're getting on well.''
''You're a good fellow,'' he told me. ''You're welcome on my team when I'm elected.''
''Elected? You're not planning to run for the  election?''
''I am. I'm an MP in Parliament. This place here is my constiuency.''
''My God! You weren't kidding? And I was thinking that you have lost a screw. See, I was almost judging you by outside appearance.''
''We all do that,'' he said. ''It's a big mistake of human beings.''

I stayed with him the whole day, amazed how he could stay living like that. But the real truth was, he was only visiting the down-and-outs, so he dressed like them. Back at my home, I was watching TV, and there he was smartly dressed as an MP. Later, he won the General Election, and became the Prime Minister.

The End.


Submitted: July 13, 2018

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